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Stewart Green

Beer Drinkers Haul Keg to Colorado Fourteener Summit!

By April 18, 2012

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Here's a funny photograph of a bunch of guys carrying a keg of beer to the summit of 14,197-foot Mount Princeton, one of Colorado's Fourteeners, last July 30.

James Schermerhorn, who took the photo and posted it on 14ers.com, reported that he passed them going up while he was heading down at about 13,000 feet and that "they were moving at a snail's pace, and I know the monsoon clouds were moving in...I also think a keg is a pretty good lightning conductor. That was my concern."

"I was told it was a Bachelor Party," James wrote on 14ers.com. "One of the guys got engaged on the summit of Princeton, and this was how they were celebrating his Bachelor Party. They said they tried to hire strippers to come along, but none wanted to climb."

Lisa Carey wrote, "I was hiking at the same time as the 'dudes' having the bachelor party. They were not drunk. They were very courteous and had good clean fun. It was actually the only productive bachelor party I have ever heard of. They did not bring any cups (thus no garbage) up with them so we all had to do keg stands to help them drink it...They were kind, courteous, did not litter and shared."

Then Cutup75, one of the keg bearers, responded, "We are all safe and sound! It was a great trip. Great teamwork, great communication, and a great reward! We were met with encouragement, smiles and tons of pictures. Plus keg stands at 14,197 feet is pretty sweet! There were 2 guys in our group that Princeton was their first, which was very cool! We had 3 Iraq vet Marines, 1 being the bachelor, 1 in our group that summited Denali last summer, and a lot of mountain bike and road bike endurance races/rides between us. This personally was my 7th 14er. It took us right about 3 hours 15 minutes to the summit, 1 hr-ish at the top and less than 2 hours down. Oh, the beer was still very cold at the top too!"

Well, I don't know if I would haul a keg of Coors beer to the summit of a Fourteener, but you gotta have fun when you go climbing! Good on you boys...you won't forget that sudsy adventure.

Photograph above: A happy group of guys carries a keg of beer to the summit of Mount Princeton in the Colorado Rockies. Photograph courtesy James Winchester Schermerhorn


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