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Stewart Green

Stewart Green

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Stewart M. Green, a life-long climber from Colorado, is the author and photographer of many books about rock climbing. Stewart began climbing at age 12 in 1965 and has since climbed all over the world.


Stewart Green, a senior guide for Front Range Climbing Company, has made many first ascents, particularly in Colorado and Utah. He continues to climb at areas around the world, including many of his favorite areas in Europe. Stewart, a contract writer and photographer for Globe Pequot Press, has written 19 books. His books include Rock Climbing Europe, Rock Climbing Colorado, Rock Climbing Utah, Rock Climbing Arizona, Rock Climbing New England, Scenic Driving Colorado, Scenic Driving California, Scenic Driving Back Country Byway, Rocky Mountain National Park Pocket Guide, and Knack Rock Climbing, a how-to-climb book for beginners.

By Stewart Green:

Climbing and a love of high places and the wild are my passions. Whether you're a beginner climber venturing out to the climbing gym for the first time or a seasoned Yosemite veteran, I hope you'll join me in this great adventure. You'll learn how to use hands and feet to scale vertical cliffs; how to climb safe so you'll head home at the end of the day; and some of the best places to go climbing in this wide wonderful world. Climbing is a way to connect with the natural world, to venture away from city and street and find a new home in the high mountains. So discover the magic of climbing with me on About.com, turn off the television, and head out to the crags. Make your life a grand adventure. And just remember: Climbing may be hard, but it's easier than growing up!


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