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3 Common Belay Devices for Rock Climbing - About.com
Belay devices, also called rappel devices, are simple but essential climbing tools that allow a climber to belay another climber by paying out the rope and then ...
Belay and Rappel Devices - Climbing - About.com
Belay and rappel devices are one of the most important pieces of climbing equipment that you will need to purchase and learn to use so you can safely belay ...
Belay and Rappel Devices - Climbing - About.com
If you're going to climb, you're going to need to buy a belay and rappel device and learn how to use it. The various devices allow you to control and brake the ...
Review of Trango B52 Belay and Rappel Device
A complete Guide Review of a Trango B52 belay and rappel device used for rock , ice, and sport ... Trango's B52 — One of the Best Belay Devices Available.
Belay Device -- Climbing Equipment - About.com
Definition of Belay Device, a climbing equipment word for hardware used for ... Belay devices come in several shapes and sizes, including as a plate and a tube.
Petzl GriGri Belay Device Review - Climbing - About.com
The GriGri, a clever device made by French climbing gear manufacturer Petzl, is the gold standard for self-braking belay devices. I bought my first one in 1993 at ...
Rappel Device -- Definition of a Climbing Word - About.com
See Belay Device for other uses. ... Climbing Equipment for Belaying and Rappelling · Locking Carabiner · 3 Common Belay Devices for Rock Climbing ...
Black Diamond ATC-XP Belay Device Review - Climbing - About.com
The Black Diamond ATC-XP is one the best all-around belay devices. About.com Rating. The Bottom Line. Excellent all-around belay device for all types of ...
How to Use a GriGri for Climbing - About.com
The Petzl GriGri belay device, a mechanical assist device used for belaying, is an important rock climbing ... GriGris are NOT Auto-Locking Hands-Free Devices.
Belaying -- All About Belaying - Climbing - About.com
There are three main types of belay and rappel devices that are commonly used by rock climbers--tube belay devices; auto-blocking tube belay devices; and ...
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