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Learn How to Climb: Belaying Basics - Climbing - About.com
Belaying is one of the most important climbing skills. Here you learn the basics about belaying and using belay devices at your local indoor climbing gym.
Belay -- Definition of a Climbing Word - About.com
Definition of Belay, a climbing word for the process of securing and safeguarding a rope for a climber.
About Belaying: Learn Essential Rock Climbing Skills
Belaying, the process of one climber managing and holding the rope for another person climbing, is an essential rock climbing skill that every climber needs to ...
3 Common Belay Devices for Rock Climbing - About.com
There are three main types of belay and rappel devices that are commonly used by rock climbers--tube belay devices; auto-blocking tube belay devices; and ...
Belaying -- All About Belaying - Climbing - About.com
Belaying is an essential climbing skill. You must become a competent and safe belayer to go rock climbing. Learn here all about belaying.
Learn to Belay in a Gym — Learn Belaying in a Controlled Setting
The best place to learn how to belay is at an indoor climbing gym in a controlled setting. At a gym you can take a class in belaying or have one of the gym staff ...
Two Important Belaying Rules — Pay Attention & Don't Let Go
The two most important rules of belaying are Pay Attention and Don't Let Go. If you always follow those two belaying golden rules then you will be a solid and ...
How to Use a Hip Belay -- Learn How to Belay for Climbing
Belaying is one of the essential climbing skills that you have to know. Climbers now always belay with a belay device, but it's useful to know how to give an ...
“On Belay” Voice Command - Basic Command Before Climbing
On belay” is the first climbing voice command used by a climbing team at the base of a route as well as at both the beginning and end of a pitch higher up the ...
Essential Climbing Equipment for Belaying & Rappelling
Belay and rappel devices are one of the most important pieces of climbing equipment that you will need to purchase and learn to use so you can safely belay ...
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