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Climbing Equipment - About.com
Rock and ice climbing gear and equipment, including shoes, harnesses, belay devices, ropes, protection, carabiners, clothes, packs, and helmets. Essential ...
Essential Sport Climbing Gear & Equipment - About.com
Here's all the basic equipment you need to go sport climbing, including a rope, quickdraws, locking carabiners, and personal gear.
Top-Rope Climbing Equipment - About.com
Here's eveything that you need to get out top-rope climbing on your local cliff, including a climbing rope, carabiners, slings, and personal gear.
Essential Ice Climbing Equipment - About.com
You want to go ice climbing this winter, but what equipment do you need? Here is a list of all the climbing equipment you need to go ice climbing and stay warm ...
Your Personal Trad Climbing Gear - About.com
Here's all the personal equipment that you need to go trad climbing, including rock shoes, climbing harness, belay device, locking carabiners, personal anchor  ...
Your Basic Trad Gear Rack — Essential Traditional Climbing ...
What do you need to buy to build a basic rack of equipment for traditional climbing? Here are my suggestions for starting to build your trad rack, including cams, ...
Your Personal Aid Climbing Gear -- Essential Aid Climbing Equipment
Aid climbing requires lots of equipment. You can start off using your regular gear but later you'll want to get a beefier harness and stiff rock shoes. Here's what ...
Climbing FAQ: What Gear Should a Beginning Climber Buy?
One of the most commonly asked climbing questions (FAQs) by beginners is: " What climbing equipment do I need to buy to start rock climbing?" The short ...
Climbing Equipment Words - About.com
Climbers use a lot of equipment and have a lot of words to describe all that equipment. This is the place to find out about all the words for climbing equipment ...
Learn How to Climb -- What Equipment Do You Need? - Climbing
It's your first time climbing in an indoor gym and you're wondering what equipment you need. Read this article and learn exactly what gear that you're going to ...
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