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Climbing Equipment - About.com
Rock and ice climbing gear and equipment, including shoes, harnesses, belay devices, ropes, protection, carabiners, clothes, packs, and helmets. Essential ...
Essential Sport Climbing Gear & Equipment - About.com
Here's all the basic equipment you need to go sport climbing, including a rope, quickdraws, locking carabiners, and personal gear.
Essential Ice Climbing Equipment - About.com
You want to go ice climbing this winter, but what equipment do you need? Here is a list of all the climbing equipment you need to go ice climbing and stay warm ...
Your Personal Trad Climbing Gear - About.com
Here's all the personal equipment that you need to go trad climbing, including rock shoes, climbing harness, belay device, locking carabiners, personal anchor  ...
Top-Rope Climbing Equipment - About.com
Top-rope climbing doesn't require as much gear as other types of climbing. This makes it a good way to start out climbing, since you don't have to invest a lot of ...
Climbing Equipment Words - About.com
Climbers use a lot of equipment and have a lot of words to describe all that equipment. This is the place to find out about all the words for climbing equipment ...
Your Basic Trad Gear Rack — Essential Traditional Climbing ...
What do you need to buy to build a basic rack of equipment for traditional climbing? Here are my suggestions for starting to build your trad rack, including cams, ...
Learn How to Climb -- What Equipment Do You Need? - Climbing
It's your first time climbing in an indoor gym and you're wondering what equipment you need. Read this article and learn exactly what gear that you're going to ...
Your Personal Aid Climbing Gear -- Essential Aid Climbing Equipment
Aid climbing requires lots of equipment. You can start off using your regular gear but later you'll want to get a beefier harness and stiff rock shoes. Here's what ...
Taking Care of Climbing Equipment -- Check Your Gear Often
Climbing equipment takes a beating. Learn about caring and maintaining your climbing gear, including how to check and store gear, take care of your rope, and  ...
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