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Your Climbing Harness - About.com
A climbing harness is a key piece of your personal climbing equipment. Your harness, with a waist belt and leg loops constructed of sewn webbing, connects ...
How to Buy and Fit a Climbing Harness - About.com
You want to buy a new harness? Here are seven tips on how to fit and buy a climbing harness. If you've never owned a harness before, it's best to shop at a ...
Harness: What is a Climbing Harness? - About.com
Definition of Harness, a climbing equipment word for a safety waist belt with leg loops that is used for rock climbing.
Understanding the Parts of Your Climbing Harness
Your climbing harness, which connects your body to your rope, is a complicated piece of equipment. A harness has lots of parts—straps, buckles, and loops.
Different Harness Styles for Different Climbing Styles
Harnesses are specifically made for different types of climbing, including sport, gym, and competition climbing, general all-around climbing, big wall climbing, ...
Climbing Harnesses - About.com
Your harness is your most important piece of personal equipment when you go climbing. Here you'll learn what are climbing harnesses and how do they work; ...
How to Check Climbing Gear for Wear and Tear - About.com
Your climbing harness is a key piece of your personal climbing equipment. You use a harness every time you go climb so it gets a lot of use. Harnesses are ...
Learn How to Climb: Tying into the Rope - Climbing - About.com
The climbing knot you tie into the rope with is your literal lifeline. Without a proper knot that's properly tied onto your harness, your rope is useless. The best knot ...
Learn How to Climb: Gearing Up - Climbing - About.com
These harnesses, especially designed for climbing, transfer the forces of a fall onto your pelvis rather than on your waist. Again, the harness should fit snugly on  ...
How to Tie a Figure-8 Follow-Through Knot for Climbing
After tying the first Figure-8, thread the end of the rope through the harness loop between your leg loops and pass it up through the harness tie-in point on the ...
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