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10 Tips to Place Better Nuts -- How to Use Climbing Equipment
Nuts, also called chocks, artificial chocks, and micro-nuts, are simple climbing tools that are placed in cracks in a rock surface and then attached to a climbing ...
All About Nuts, Chocks, Wired Nuts, and Micro Nuts ... - Climbing
Nuts, also called wired nuts, chocks, artificial chockstones, and micro nuts, are essential pieces of climbing equipment. Nuts are simply small pieces of metal that ...
Nuts -- Definition of Nuts: Essential Pieces of Climbing Equipment
Definition of Nuts, a climbing equipment word for metal devices wedged in cracks .
Hexentric Nut -- An Essential Piece of Climbing Equipment
Definition of Hexentric Nut, a climbing equipment word for a 6-sided nut that is wedged in a crack for protection by a lead climber.
Speed Climbing Tip #8 -- Use Cams Not Nuts - About.com
Speed Climbing Tip #8 -- To climb faster use cams instead of nuts when you place climbing protection since they're easier to place and remove.
10 Tips to Place Better Cams for Rock Climbing - About.com
How to Use Climbing Equipment ... Instead use other gear like nuts as well as natural anchors like trees as part of the top-rope anchor to minimize the danger of  ...
Your Basic Trad Gear Rack — Essential Traditional Climbing ...
You can start trad climbing with a buddy or mentor who already owns a lead rack of climbing gear, including cams, nuts, lots of carabiners, and a beefy rope.
Traditional Climbing - About.com
It's easier to rack your climbing equipment, including cams, nuts, and quickdraws, on the gear loops on your harness rather than on a gear sling carried over ...
The Clean Climbing Revolution -- Pitons Cause Damage to ...
About 1970, climbers began using nuts instead of pitons to lessen rock damage and preserve rock resources. Read about piton use; the damage that pitons ...
Rack Cams & Carabiners to Save Weight - Climbing - About.com
Dennis Jackson climbs at Sugarite State Park in New Mexico. ... Most climbers prefer to clip the carabiners attached to cams and nuts so the gate is on the inside ...
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