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Your Rope is Your Lifeline -- All About Climbing Ropes
Ropes are a critical and essential piece of climbing equipment. A climbing rope is our lifeline. The rope secures us to each other in a climbing partnership and ...
What is a Climbing Rope? - About.com
Definition of Rope, a climbing equipment word for a length of long cord used for climbing protection.
The Secret Life of Your Climbing Rope -- What Wears Your Rope Out
How long will your climbing rope last? A long time if you take care of it properly. Find out here about the life of your climbing rope and what wears your rope out.
Climbing Ropes - About.com
Your climbing rope is your lifeline. Learn here about climbing ropes, how to buy a climbing rope, and how to take care of your climbing rope.
Check Your Climbing Rope Out - About.com
Your climbing rope wears out. Before you go climbing, it's best to check your rope both visually and manually. Here are a few suggestions.
How to Take Proper Care of Your Climbing Rope - About.com
Your climbing rope won't last forever. Follow these tips to increase its life--don't step on your rope, use a rope bag, run your rope freely, switch ends after falling ...
Does Your Climbing Rope Need a Middle Mark? - About.com
Two of the most common questions from climbers about climbing ropes are: Why do I ... A middle mark on your rope is important because it speeds up your rope ...
How to Pull Your Rappel Ropes Down - Climbing - About.com
Rappelling, the act of sliding down a climbing rope to descend a cliff, requires lots of climbing skills to be safe. You need to learn to properly pull your ropes to ...
Learn How to Climb: Tying into the Rope - Climbing - About.com
How to tie into a climbing rope and why the Figure-8 Follow-Through is the best knot for tying in.
Carry 2 Climbing Ropes for Retreating Off Cliffs - About.com
It's best to bring two climbing ropes--a thick lead rope and a thin trail rope or zip line--when you climb long routes and big walls. If you have to retreat off your ...
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