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Your Rope is Your Lifeline -- All About Climbing Ropes
Ropes are the most critical piece of climbing equipment that we use on the rocks. Our climbing rope is our lifeline. It secures us to each other in a climbing ...
What is a Climbing Rope? - About.com
A climbing rope is the strong nylon cord used by climbers for protection and safety while climbing. Ropes, the most basic piece of safety gear used by climbers, ...
The Secret Life of Your Climbing Rope -- What Wears Your Rope Out
It's hard to determine the life of a climbing rope since it is subject to so many influences and variables, including how often it's used, how it's stored, what climate ...
Climbing Ropes - About.com
Your climbing rope is your lifeline. Learn here about climbing ropes, how to buy a rope, and how to take care of your rope.
Check Your Climbing Rope Out - About.com
Your climbing rope is the most important part of your climbing equipment. Make sure your rope is safe and secure by regularly checking it out. Follow these ...
How to Take Proper Care of Your Climbing Rope - About.com
Your climbing rope won't last forever. Follow these tips to increase its life--don't step on your rope, use a rope bag, run your rope freely, switch ends after falling ...
Carry 2 Climbing Ropes for Retreating Off Cliffs - About.com
It's best to bring two climbing ropes--a thick lead rope and a thin trail rope or zip line--when you climb long routes and big walls. If you have to retreat off your ...
How to Pull Your Rappel Ropes Down - Climbing - About.com
Rappelling, the act of sliding down a climbing rope to descend a cliff, requires lots of climbing skills to be safe. You need to learn to properly pull your ropes to ...
Top-Rope Climbing - About.com
Top-rope climbing is all about fun. It's also safe and doesn't require a huge amount of gear. Learn here about top-rope climbing--the necessary equipment; the ...
Learn How to Climb: Tying into the Rope - Climbing - About.com
The climbing knot you tie into the rope with is your literal lifeline. Without a proper knot that's properly tied onto your harness, your rope is useless. The best knot ...
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