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Rock Climbing Safety Tips and Advice - About.com
Climbing is dangerous. Learn the basic rules of climbing safety to stay safe on the rocks and avoid accidents. Follow these ten tips for climbing safety for a safe  ...
Sport Climbing Safety -- What You Need to Know - About.com
What you need to know to have a safe sport climbing experience, including belaying, lowering, setting up anchors, and rope management.
Sport Climbing Safety Checklist -- 6 Safety Tips Before Sport Climbing
If you're sport climbing, follow this checklist of 6 safety tips before you start climbing and both you and your belayer will be safe and have more fun. Learn why ...
How Safe Is Climbing? - US Emergency Room Study Results
Study Conducted in 2004 and 2005. The study, which does have limitations including incomplete data on the numbers of participants in outdoor sports and the ...
Climbing Safely is Your Responsibility - About.com
Climbing safely is your responsibility. You can stay safe climbing by exercising good judgment and by knowing the limitations of your skills, ability, and ...
Stay Safe Climbing - About.com
Climbing and mountaineering are dangerous activities. Learn how to keep your partners and yourself safe when you go climbing by carrying the 10 Essentials, ...
Do a Buddy Check When Climbing -- 5 Safety Tips Before Climbing
Use the buddy system when you go climbing to keep safe. Buddies look after each other on the rock, check and double-checking knots, harnesses, and safety  ...
Important Climbing Safety Knots List - About.com
You don't need to know a lot of knots to go rock climbing, but the knots you need to know, you need to know well. While there are almost 4,000 recorded knots, ...
Hydration — The Ten Essentials for Climbing Safety
Hydration is one of the Ten Essentials for climbing safety. Learn about all about the water, water treatment and purification, and electrolyte replacements you ...
How to Stay Safe from Lightning While Climbing - About.com
If you're out climbing and get caught in an open exposed place like a mountain summit or cliff top, follow these 10 climbing safety tips to minimize your risk and ...
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