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Traditional Climbing - About.com
Traditional or trad climbing is all about adventure, about climbing from the bottom to the top of a cliff and using only what the rock gives. Learn about trad ...
Traditional Climbing is Adventure Climbing -- All About Trad Climbing
Traditional or trad climbing is all about adventure. Trad climbing is starting at the base of a cliff and climbing to the top, placing your own equipment for protection ...
Your Basic Trad Gear Rack — Essential Traditional Climbing ...
What do you need to buy to build a basic rack of equipment for traditional climbing? Here are my suggestions for starting to build your trad rack, including cams, ...
Your Personal Trad Climbing Gear -- Essential Traditional Climbing ...
Traditional or “trad” climbing is about vertical adventure, about finding your own way up cliffs, placing your own gear for protection, and leaving no trace of your ...
Types of Climbing - About.com
Climbing is divided into different types and styles, including rock climbing, ... Rock Climbing divides into three separate disciplines: traditional climbing, sport ...
How Safe Is Climbing? - US Emergency Room Study Results
The American Alpine Club's analysis of climbing and mountaineering accidents indicates that traditional climbing is more dangerous than sport climbing. Part of ...
How to Safely Retreat from a Climbing Route - About.com
Sometimes you have to retreat from a climbing route because of injury or bad weather, here are tips on how to be safe and ... Learn Traditional Climbing Skills.
10 Tips to Place Better Cams for Rock Climbing - About.com
How to Use Climbing Equipment ... climbing or creating anchors is one of the most important skills that you need to learn for safe traditional climbing adventures.
Let's Go Sport Climbing --Skills to Be a Sport Climber
Sport climbing offers a different challenge than traditional climbing where the lead climber places nuts and cams in cracks for protection when falling. In sport ...
All About Spring-Loaded Camming Devices -- Cams are ... - Climbing
Spring-loaded camming devices are the modern safety net for traditional climbing . Before the invention of SLCDs, climbers protected themselves by hammering ...
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