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Important Climbing Safety Knots List - About.com
You don't need to know a lot of knots to go rock climbing, but the knots you need to know, you need to know well. While there are almost 4,000 recorded knots, ...
Climbing Knots - Learn How to Tie Important Climbing Knots
Learn all the climbing knots you need to know when you go rock climbing. Follow clear step-by-step photographs to learn how to tie the climbing knots correctly.
Four Sturdy Knots for Rappelling - Climbing - About.com
If you're out climbing and need to rappel off the cliff, here are the four best knots to tie your climbing ropes together.
Four Friction Knots for Climbers - Climbing - About.com
Every climber needs to know these 4 friction knots--Prusik knot, Klemheist knot, Bachmann knot, and Autoblock knot--to climb a rope in an emergency or to ...
Stopper Knot -- An Important Climbing Knot - About.com
A stopper knot is tied in the ends of a rappel rope to keep a climber from rappelling off it.
All About Climbing Knots -- Learn the Best Knots for Climbing
Knots are the most essential link in your chain of climbing safety, a chain which begins with your climbing rope. Your rope is your lifeline. Your knot is your life ...
How to Tie and Use an Autoblock Knot for Climbing
The autoblock knot, an easy-to-tie friction knot or hitch that is tied around a climbing rope with a thin length of cord, is used as a safety back-up knot when you're ...
How to Tie a Figure-8 Follow-Through Knot for Climbing
The Figure-8 Follow-Through, also called the Flemish Bend and Figure-8 Trace knot, is the most important knot to learn as a climber. This is the best knot to tie ...
Autoblock Knot -- Safety Back-Up Knot for Rappelling - Climbing
The autoblock knot is an easy-to-tie friction knot that is used as a safety back-up knot on a rappel rope. The knot is tied onto the rope below the rappel device ...
Knot WInd Speed Definition and Conversion - Weather - About.com
A knot is a unit of measurement for wind speed. In a station model diagram, the knot is generally the standard unit used to indicate wind speed. Mathematically ...
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