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Climbing Knots - Learn How to Tie Important Climbing Knots
Learn all the climbing knots you need to know when you go rock climbing. Follow clear step-by-step photographs to learn how to tie the climbing knots correctly.
Important Climbing Safety Knots List - About.com
You don't need to know a lot of knots to go rock climbing, but the knots you need to know, you need to know well. While there are almost 4,000 recorded knots, ...
Stopper Knot -- An Important Climbing Knot - About.com
A stopper knot is tied in the ends of a rappel rope to keep a climber from rappelling off it.
Four Friction Knots for Climbers - Climbing - About.com
Every climber needs to know these 4 friction knots--Prusik knot, Klemheist knot, Bachmann knot, and Autoblock knot--to climb a rope in an emergency or to ...
Four Sturdy Knots for Rappelling - Climbing - About.com
If you're out climbing and need to rappel off the cliff, here are the four best knots to tie your climbing ropes together.
All About Climbing Knots -- Learn the Best Knots for Climbing
Knots are the most essential link in your chain of climbing safety, a chain which begins with your climbing rope. Your rope is your lifeline. Your knot is your life ...
Knots for Rappelling -- Learn All Knots You Need to Rappel - Climbing
When you rappel off a climb or cliff, you need to use a lot of important knots. Some knots are used to tie two ropes together, while others, like an autoblock knot ...
Knot WInd Speed Definition and Conversion - Weather - About.com
A knot is a unit of measurement for wind speed. In a station model diagram, the knot is generally the standard unit used to indicate wind speed. Mathematically ...
Klemheist Knot for Climbing -- How to Tie a Klemheist Knot
Learn how to tie a Klemheist knot, an important knot used in climbing for ascending ropes and in emergency situations.
How to Tie and Use an Autoblock Knot for Climbing
The autoblock knot, an easy-to-tie friction knot or hitch that is tied around a climbing rope with a thin length of cord, is used as a safety back-up knot when you're ...
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