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Learn to Crack Climb -- The Art of Jamming Cracks - Climbing
Crack climbing is the basic technique used by rock climbers to ascend or jam cracks in cliff faces. Learn what crack climbing and jamming is all about; types of  ...
Crack Climbing -- Climbing Technique - About.com
Definition of Crack Climbing, climbing words for ascending fissures or cracks in rock faces by jamming or wedging body parts into them.
Use Foot Jams for Solid Crack Climbing -- Learn to Crack Climb
When we begin to crack climb, all we think about is jamming our hands and fingers into cracks. It's our hands that usually determine both the difficulty and the  ...
All About Finger Cracks -- Learn How to Crack Climb - Climbing
Finger cracks, rock fissures that are the width of your fingers, are encountered on most climbing routes. Learn what a finger crack is, how to find a fingerlock, and ...
Crack Climbing -- How to Jam Cracks - About.com
Climbers climb cracks, natural weaknesses in cliffs, by jamming or wedging their hands, fingers, bodies, and feet in the cracks. Learn all about crack climbing, ...
Practice Jamming to Climb Cracks – Learn How to Crack Climb
Crack climbing, also called jamming, is a learned climbing technique. The best way to learn how to jam cracks is to practice jamming at your local cliff.
6 Off-Width Crack Climbing Tips - About.com
It's a lot of work to climb off-width cracks. Here are some tips to climb off-widths more efficiently by wearing the right harness, racking your gear on a sling, and ...
Cracks Form Natural Climbing Routes — How to Climb Cracks
Cracks are natural weaknesses in rock surfaces, formed by fracturing, uplift, and erosion. Many climbing routes follow cracks and systems of cracks because ...
Learn How to Hand Jam -- How to Climb Hand Cracks - Climbing
Learn how to climb hand cracks (cracks the width of your hand) by using hand jams and good footwork. Hand cracks are the best cracks to learn how to crack ...
Finger Crack -- Definition of a Climbing Word - About.com
Definition of Finger Crack, climbing words for a finger-sized crack that is ascended by jamming or wedging a climber's fingers into it.
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