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How to Stay Safe from Lightning While Climbing - About.com
A lightning storm over the Teton Range at Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. - . Stay safe on the rocks by avoiding lightning and high places during storms.
Facts About Lightning - A Climber's Guide to Lightning Facts
Learn interesting facts about lightning. What are your chances of being struck? How many lightning strikes are there each day and year? What are the most ...
Tips to Avoid Getting Caught in Lightning Storms
You are out climbing or hiking in the mountains and see a lightning storm brewing. What do you do to be safe? Here are 9 tips to avoid lightning strikes and  ...
Most Dangerous States for Lightning Related Injuries - Weather
Lightning is a severe weather event which can strike at any time. During the development of a thunderstorm, several states rank as the most dangerous for ...
Lightning Is Serious Risk - Florida Travel - About.com
Welcome to Florida and welcome to the lightning capital of the United States. Lightning strikes in Central Florida this time of year more often than anywhere else ...
Lightning Safety - Warning Signs - About.com Weather
Keep a lookout for these signs; they'll warn you when it's time to seek shelter indoors and, God forbid, when lightning may be about to strike you.
What to do When Lightning Strikes People. - Maritime - About.com
Lightning safety is often a second thought when it comes to managing risks to workers. But business can't just grind to a halt whenever a thunderstorm passes ...
Thunderstorms and Lightning - About.com Weather
You hear the thunder. Will you know what to do? Learn the basics of thunderstorm development and explore options for staying safe in a lightning storm.
The Mystery of Paranormal Ball Lightning - Paranormal Phenomena
There currently is no fully satisfactory or generally accepted scientific theory for ball lightning, mainly because it is so rare, and when it does occur it doesn't stay  ...
Fishing During a Lightning Storm - Fishing Safety - Freshwater Fishing
I admit I have been terrified of lightning since I was about 12 years old. I was sleeping on a screened in porch that summer when a terrible storm came through .
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