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Facts About Lightning - A Climber's Guide to Lightning Facts
Learn interesting facts about lightning. What are your chances of being struck? How many lightning strikes are there each day and year? What are the most ...
Tips to Avoid Getting Caught in Lightning Storms
You are out climbing or hiking in the mountains and see a lightning storm brewing. What do you do to be safe? Here are 9 tips to avoid lightning strikes and  ...
How to Stay Safe from Lightning While Climbing - About.com
If you're out climbing on the rocks or in the mountains and a thunderstorm sweeps in, you're in a dangerous situation to be struck by lightning since you're ...
Lightning Is Serious Risk - Florida Travel - About.com
Florida is well known as the lightning capital of the United States. Lightning is a serious risk. Keep yourself safe with these tips.
Lightning Strikes: Facts and Statistics About Lightning - Pediatrics
Dec 15, 2014 ... While thunderstorms and lightning strikes are common, few hit people. The statistics about lightning still show that they kill about 55 people a ...
Weather Hazards: Why Is Lightning Dangerous?
Worldwide, approximately 10000 people are killed by lightning every year and 100000 are injured. What makes lightning so dangerous and how does it ...
Lightning Safety and Outdoor Sports - Lightning Safety
May 19, 2014 ... Lightning strikes during summer thunderstorms are the most dangerous weather condition faced by those engaged in outdoor activities. Do you ...
What to do When Lightning Strikes People. - Maritime - About.com
Globally lightning strikes kill more people in an average year than all other natural phenomenon combined. Many more are injured and some incidents are ...
Lightning Safety - Warning Signs - About.com Weather
Keep a lookout for these signs; they'll warn you when it's time to seek shelter indoors and, God forbid, when lightning may be about to strike you.
How Many Lightning Deaths Have Occurred in the United States?
Data and diagrams of lightning deaths by state for the years 1959-2004. Find out why the United States has a high risk of lightning deaths. With data from NASA ...
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