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How to Avoid Loose Rock - Climbing - About.com
Loose rock is encountered on almost every route that you climb. Follow these 15 safe climbing tips to avoid loose rocks and climbing accidents caused by ...
Loose Rock Tip #12 -- Yell "ROCK" If You Dislodge a Rock While ...
Loose rocks that are dislodged by a climber above are a leading cause of climbing accidents. Every year there are climbers who die on cliffs and in the ...
Loose Rock Tip #2 -- Avoid Climbing on Loose Cliffs
This is sort of a no-brainer—to avoid rockfall then avoid climbing on cliffs with loose rock. It's that easy. If you don't climb on cliffs with rotten rock, loose flakes, ...
Avoiding Loose Rock -- How to Avoid Loose Rock - Climbing - About ...
Learn how to avoid loose rock, rockfall, breaking handholds, and accidents when you're climbing by following these loose rock tips.
Loose Rock Tip #10 — Watch for Loose Rock When Rappelling
Rappelling is one of the most dangerous aspects of climbing. Loose rock is found on ledges and faces when you rappel down a cliff. Learn how to avoid loose ...
Loose Rock Tip #3 -- Don't Climb Below Other Parties - Climbing
If you want to live long and prosper and avoid climbing on loose rock, then never climb below other parties. Change your plans and climb something else to be ...
Loose Rock Tip #5 — Evaluate Rock Quality as You Climb - Climbing
Stay safe rock climbing by evaluating the quality of the rock and by testing handholds and footholds to avoid loose rock and accidents.
Loose Rock Tip #4 — Don't Sit or Stand at the Base of a Cliff
When you go climbing on loose cliffs, you have to expect that rocks are going to fall off. And when they do fall, you don't want to be in the line of fire. Unless ...
Climbing Loose Rock Tip #9 — Don't Belay Below a Lead Climber
It's dangerous to belay directly below a leader since rocks from pebbles to ... Read Loose Rock Tip #9 and find out why you need to belay from the side and tips ...
Loose Rock Tip #6 — Always Test Suspect Holds
Whenever you're climbing, especially if you're in a loose rock zone, always test any suspect handholds and footholds before using them. You're climbing along, ...
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