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All About Quickdraws: Essential Rock Climbing Equipment
Quickdraws, simply sewn slings with two carabiners, are an essential and indispensable piece of equipment used by rock climbers, ice climbers, and ...
Use Quickdraws on Sport Anchors for Rigging Top-Ropes - Climbing
Use quickdraws on the bolt anchors on sport climbing routes to rig top-ropes for your buddies. Using your own gear lessens the wear on permanent hardware ...
Quickdraw - Climbing - About.com
Quickdraws, clipped into a piece of protection like a bolt, nut, or cam, allow the rope to run smoothly and away from the rock, reducing rope drag . Quickdraws ...
How to Clip Into Bolts: Learn 2 Types of Clips - Climbing - About.com
Clipping into bolts and quickdraws while you lead a route is an important sport climbing technique. Learn more about clipping bolts, redpoint and pinkpoint ...
Essential Sport Climbing Gear & Equipment - About.com
Here's all the basic equipment you need to go sport climbing, including a rope, quickdraws, locking carabiners, and personal gear.
9 Steps to Safely Lower Off a Sport Climb - Bolt Anchors - Climbing
If someone else is going to climb the route after you, all you need to do is to clip into the anchor bolts with quickdraws or a sling with locking carabiners and ...
How to Clean Carabiners -- Caring for Climbing Equipment
We carry racks of quickdraws, two carabiners attached at either end of a short sewn sling, attached to the gear loops on our harness. We use them clip into bolts ...
Rack Equipment on Harness Gear Loops — How to Carry Climbing ...
It's easier to rack your climbing equipment, including cams, nuts, and quickdraws, on the gear loops on your harness rather than on a gear sling carried over ...
Climbing Slings - The 5 Basic Types - About.com
Quickdraws are essential gear for sport climbing. - Photograph Stewart M. Green ... Buy climbing slings: Black Diamond Quicksilver and Quickwire Quickdraws
Speed Climbing Tip #9 -- Rack Climbing Gear on a Shoulder Sling
By having it all racked together on a gear sling, you also avoid the possibility of dropping cams, nuts, and quickdraws during the hand-off. If there's a difference in  ...
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