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Belay and Rappel Devices - Climbing - About.com
Belay and rappel devices are one of the most important pieces of climbing equipment that you will need to purchase and learn to use so you can safely belay ...
Belay and Rappel Devices - Climbing - About.com
If you're going to climb, you're going to need to buy a belay and rappel device and learn how to use it. The various devices allow you to control and brake the ...
3 Common Belay Devices for Rock Climbing - About.com
Belay devices, also called rappel devices, are simple but essential climbing tools that allow a climber to belay another climber by paying out the rope and then ...
Your Essential Rappelling Equipment - Climbing - About.com
Your choice of rappel device is very important. All rappel devices are not alike and some function better than others depending on your rappelling situation.
Rappel Device -- Definition of a Climbing Word - About.com
Definition of Rappel Device, a climbing equipment word for a metal device ... for Belaying and Rappelling · Locking Carabiner · 3 Common Belay Devices for ...
Belay Device -- Climbing Equipment - About.com
It is also a rappel device that is used for rappelling or sliding down the rope ... Belay devices come in several shapes and sizes, including as a plate and a tube.
Review of Trango B52 Belay and Rappel Device
Great for lightweight climbers to rappel and belay since the rope runs so easily; Machined from heavy duty aluminum so it lasts longer than other devices ...
How to Use a GriGri for Climbing - About.com
The belay and rappel device is ingenious and stylish. It works very simply. ... GriGris are NOT Auto-Locking Hands-Free Devices. Numerous accidents and ...
The Carabiner Brake Method — Learn How to Rappel - Climbing
Before the days of sewn harnesses and rappel and belay devices, which came in the late-1970s, every climber knew how to make a sit harness with one-inch ...
How to Rig a Carabiner Brake - Emergency Rappelling - Climbing
Learn how to rig a carabiner brake so you can safely rappel off a climb if you ... the safest way to rappel before the use of belay and rappel devices in the 1970s.
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