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6 Essential Rappelling Skills -- Learn How to Rappel - Climbing
Rappelling is a skill-based climbing activity for descending down cliffs and mountains. Learn what are the six essential climbing skills that you need to know to ...
Rappelling -- Learn How to Rappel - Climbing - About.com
Rappelling is a technique that allows you to do a controlled descent down a rope from a cliff. Learn here about rappelling and all the climbing skills you need to ...
All About Rappelling -- Learn How to Rappel - Climbing - About.com
Rappelling is a climbing technique that allows you to do a controlled descent down a rope from a cliff or mountain. Learn here all about rappelling and the ...
Rappel -- Climbing Technique - About.com
Rappelling is the process of descending a fixed rope by making a controlled slide down the rope, usually with a mechanical braking device, like a rappel/belay ...
Your Essential Rappelling Equipment - Climbing - About.com
Climbing ropes are one of the most important pieces of equipment for rappelling. Most climbers use the same dynamic ropes for rappelling that they use for ...
Four Sturdy Knots for Rappelling - Climbing - About.com
If you're out climbing and need to rappel off the cliff, here are the four best knots to tie your climbing ropes together.
What Can Go Wrong Rappelling -- Rappelling is Dangerous
A lot can go wrong when you're rappelling off a cliff since you're totally dependent on your equipment. Learn here why rappelling is dangerous and how you can ...
Using Your Brake Hand -- Learn How to Rappel
The cardinal rule of rappelling is: Never Let Go With Your Brake Hand. Learn here about using your brake hand to create more friction when you rappel and how ...
How to Build Safe Rappel Anchors - Climbing - About.com
Rappel anchors are an important element for safe rappelling. Bad anchors can fail and lead to dire consequences. Learn how to use existing rappel anchors ...
How to Toss Rappel Ropes -- Learn Essential Rappelling Skills
It is important to learn how to properly and safely toss your rappel ropes off from the top of a cliff. If you do it wrong you can end up with rope tangles, your rope ...
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