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Rock Shoes -- Climbing Equipment - About.com
Definition of Rock Shoes, a climbing equipment word for specialized shoes made for rock climbing.
Rock Shoes - Climbing - About.com
Which rock shoes should I wear? is a common question, especially from novice rock climbings. Rock cilmbing shoes are the one piece of climbing equipment ...
Ten Rock Climbing Shoe Buying Tips - About.com
Which rock climbing shoes should you buy? There are a lot of rock shoe choices so it can be hard to decide how to buy shoes. Follow these 10 rock shoe buying ...
Climbing FAQ: Should I buy rock shoes smaller than my street shoes?
Answer: The short answer to this pertinent rock climbing shoe question is a resounding “No!” You do not need to buy smaller climbing shoes and then go ...
Rock Climbing Shoes Wear Out -- Follow These Tips to Keep Climbing
Rock climbing shoes, like the rest of your climbing equipment, eventually wear out. The more you climb, the faster your shoes get trashed. Follow these climbing  ...
Speed Climbing Tip 1 — Wear Comfortable Rock Climbing Shoes
It's a pain to wear tight uncomfortable rock shoes if you're climbing fast. You'll have to take them off between pitches to let your toes recover. Or you might slip ...
Climbing Shoe Design and Lasts -- Rock Climbing Shoe Construction
Before you buy a pair of rock shoes, find out about the different types of rock shoes, how they are made, what a climbing shoe last is, the differences between  ...
Speed Climbing Tip 2 — Leave Your Rock Shoes On
Leave your rock shoes on—you'll get more climbing done. There's nothing quite as annoying as going climbing with someone who insists on taking off their ...
Getting Your Rock Shoes Resoled - Climbing - About.com
You've been climbing all summer and your rock shoes need new soles. What do you need done to the shoes and who's going to do the job? Read this guide to ...
How to Resole Your Rock Shoes — The Case for New Soles
Good climbing shoes are expensive. Resoling your rock shoes is inexpensive. Get your rock shoes resoled by a reputable cobbler and you'll be surprised how ...
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