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Getting Your Rock Shoes Resoled - Climbing - About.com
For not much more dinero than a resole kit, you can have a professional cobbler who specializes in rock shoes do the job and do it right. They're usually pretty ...
When Should You Get Resoles? — Tips on Deciding ... - Climbing
The best advice is to get new soles when you need them and not to wait until it's too late. Follow these tips to determine when you need a climbing shoe resole.
How to Resole Your Rock Shoes — The Case for New Soles
Good climbing shoes are expensive. Resoling your rock shoes is inexpensive. Get your rock shoes resoled by a reputable cobbler and you'll be surprised how ...
New Study: Which Shoe Rubber is Stickiest? - Climbing - About.com
Dec 15, 2008 ... What kind of rubber do you resole your rock shoes with? Does rubber make a difference? Is this study accurate? Does a study done in a lab ...
Climbing Shoes - About.com
Learn here about the different types and styles of climbing shoes; uses of various climbing shoes; how to buy climbing shoes; maintenance and resoling of ...
Rock Climbing Shoes Wear Out -- Follow These Tips to Keep Climbing
Rock climbing shoes, like the rest of your climbing equipment, eventually wear out. ... Follow these climbing shoe-care tips to keep climbing in your rock shoes. ... Rock Climbing Footwork · When Should You Resole Your Climbing Shoes?
Taking Care of Rock Shoes — 3 Tips for Rock Shoe Care - Climbing
To ensure that your rock shoes last, follow these three tips every time you go ... Rock Shoes · How to Resole Your Rock Shoes — The Case for New Soles · How  ...
Use Eco-Friendly and Animal-Friendly Climbing Equipment
Climbing shoes are expensive. Resoling and repairing your rock shoes is cheap in comparison. A pair of La Sportiva Mythos, which I bought in 1994 in France, ...
Speed Climbing Tip 2 — Leave Your Rock Shoes On
Speed Climbing Tip #2 — Keep your climbing shoes on for the day and save ... to Resole Your Rock Climbing Shoes · How to Resole Your Rock Shoes — The ...
Sticky Rubber on Your Rock Shoes - Climbing - About.com
Then I have all my rock shoe resoles made with that rubber. That is the great thing about getting your shoes resoled—you can keep the shoe upper that you love ...
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