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When Should You Resole Climbing Shoes? - About.com
You get attached to your rock shoes and hate to give them up, even for just a week while they get resoled. But you need to pay attention to the rubber soles and ...
Getting Your Rock Shoes Resoled - Climbing - About.com
For not much more dinero than a resole kit, you can have a professional cobbler who specializes in rock shoes do the job and do it right. They're usually pretty ...
How to Resole Your Rock Shoes — The Case for New Soles
Good climbing shoes are expensive. Resoling your rock shoes is inexpensive. Get your rock shoes resoled by a reputable cobbler and you'll be surprised how ...
Climbing Shoes - About.com
Rock climbing shoes make you climb better, harder, and higher. To do your best ... How to Resole Your Rock Shoes — The Case for New Soles · Good climbing ...
Rock Climbing Shoes Wear Out -- Follow These Tips to Keep Climbing
Rock climbing shoes, like the rest of your climbing equipment, eventually wear out. ... Follow these climbing shoe-care tips to keep climbing in your rock shoes. ... Rock Climbing Footwork · When Should You Resole Your Climbing Shoes?
Sticky Rubber on Your Rock Shoes - Climbing - About.com
Rock climbing shoes help you climb better and the sticky rubber on the soles of the ... Learn about sticky rubber on rock shoes, a study about sticky rubber, and ... to Resole Your Rock Climbing Shoes · How to Resole Your Rock Shoes — The ...
Taking Care of Rock Shoes — 3 Tips for Rock Shoe Care - Climbing
To ensure that your rock shoes last, follow these three tips every time you go climbing and your shoes will ... When Should You Resole Your Climbing Shoes?
Use Eco-Friendly and Animal-Friendly Climbing Equipment
Rock climbing shoes usually have an upper composed of both leather and synthetic materials. ... Follow these tips to determine when you need a resole.
Masai Barefoot Technology or MBT Shoes - About.com
I've had a lot of shoes in my time, but I can honestly say MBT shoes are the first that have come with an instruction manual. What's to know about wearing shoes?
New Study: Which Shoe Rubber is Stickiest? - Climbing - About.com
Dec 15, 2008 ... Sticky rubber helps us stick to the rock better, allowing us to climb harder and higher ... What kind of rubber do you resole your rock shoes with?
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