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Getting Your Rock Shoes Resoled - Climbing - About.com
You've been climbing all summer and your rock shoes need new soles. ... Read this guide to rock shoe resoles, repairs, and cobblers to make the right choices.
How to Resole Your Rock Shoes — The Case for New Soles
Good climbing shoes are expensive. Resoling your rock shoes is inexpensive. Get your rock shoes resoled by a reputable cobbler and you'll be surprised how ...
When Should You Get Resoles? — Tips on Deciding ... - Climbing
The best advice is to get new soles when you need them and not to wait until it's too late. Follow these tips to determine when you need a climbing shoe resole.
Rock Climbing Shoes Wear Out -- Follow These Tips to Keep Climbing
... shoes get trashed. Follow these climbing shoe-care tips to keep climbing in your rock shoes. ... How to Resole Your Rock Shoes — The Case for New Soles  ...
Climbing Shoes - About.com
Learn here about the different types and styles of climbing shoes; uses of various climbing shoes; how to buy climbing shoes; maintenance and resoling of ...
Taking Care of Rock Shoes — 3 Tips for Rock Shoe Care - Climbing
To ensure that your rock shoes last, follow these three tips every time you go climbing and your shoes will have a long and happy life on the rocks. ... Rock Shoes On · Rock Shoes · How to Resole Your Rock Shoes — The Case for New So...
Sticky Rubber on Your Rock Shoes - Climbing - About.com
Then I have all my rock shoe resoles made with that rubber. That is the great thing about getting your shoes resoled—you can keep the shoe upper that you love ...
Use Eco-Friendly and Animal-Friendly Climbing Equipment
Climbing shoes are expensive. Resoling and repairing your rock shoes is cheap in comparison. A pair of La Sportiva Mythos, which I bought in 1994 in France, ...
Speed Climbing Tip 2 — Leave Your Rock Shoes On
Speed Climbing Tip #2 — Keep your climbing shoes on for the day and save ... to Resole Your Rock Climbing Shoes · How to Resole Your Rock Shoes — The ...
New Study: Which Shoe Rubber is Stickiest? - Climbing - About.com
Dec 15, 2008 ... What kind of rubber do you resole your rock shoes with? Does rubber make a difference? Is this study accurate? Does a study done in a lab ...
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