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Let's Go Sport Climbing --Skills to Be a Sport Climber
Sport climbing is simply ascending rock faces using only your hands and feet ( free climbing) with all of your protection being fixed bolts that are preplaced on a  ...
Sport Climbing - About.com
Sport climbing is a safe and convenient way to go rock climbing. Find out here about sport climbing; what equipment you need; and about all the climbing and ...
Sport Climbing Safety -- What You Need to Know - About.com
What you need to know to have a safe sport climbing experience, including belaying, lowering, setting up anchors, and rope management.
Sport Climbing Safety Checklist -- 6 Safety Tips Before Sport Climbing
If you're sport climbing, follow this checklist of 6 safety tips before you start climbing and both you and your belayer will be safe and have more fun. Learn why ...
Essential Sport Climbing Gear & Equipment - About.com
Here's all the basic equipment you need to go sport climbing, including a rope, quickdraws, locking carabiners, and personal gear.
How to Belay When You're Sport Climbing — 5 Essential Tips for ...
Belaying is perhaps the most important skill you need to be safe when you're sport climbing. The climbing leader is protected from injury by a competent belayer.
Your Essential Sport Climbing Rack - About.com
What kind of climbing equipment do you need when you go sport climbing? Here is a complete list of essential gear for your sport climbing rack, including a rope ...
All About Climbing Bolts -- Bolts Used for Sport Climbing and Anchors
Fixed protection and anchors, semi-permanent bolts and pitons that are already in place, are found on almost every climbing route. Sport climbing routes are ...
Use Quickdraws on Sport Anchors for Rigging Top-Ropes - Climbing
Use quickdraws on the bolt anchors on sport climbing routes to rig top-ropes for your buddies. Using your own gear lessens the wear on permanent hardware ...
9 Steps to Safely Lower Off a Sport Climb - Bolt Anchors - Climbing
Learn step-by-step how to safely lower from the anchors on a sport climbing pitch . Lowering is the easiest way to descend from a short climb but it is also ...
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