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Carabiners - Climbing - About.com
Carabiners are a basic and essential piece of equipment that you use every time you go rock climbing. A carabiner, the work horse of a climber's rack of gear, ...
Locking Carabiners -- All About Essential Climbing Equipment
Locking carabiners are essential climbing equipment that keep you safe on the rocks. Learn all about locking carabiners, auto-locking carabiners, screw-gate ...
How to Clean Carabiners -- Caring for Climbing Equipment
You're at your local sport crag and a couple of the gates on your carabiners are sticky. They creak open and don't snap shut like they should. It makes you a bit ...
Rack Cams & Carabiners to Save Weight - Climbing - About.com
How you rack your cams on your gear sling depends on the type of route you're climbing. Learn here if you should rack cams on their own carabiners or double ...
Worn Carabiners Cut Climbing Ropes -- Sport Climbing Safety Tips
Carabiners that are worn and sharpened by a climbing rope passing over them are extremely dangerous, especially for sport climbers who fall on them.
How to Rig a Carabiner Brake - Emergency Rappelling - Climbing
You need six carabiners for rigging. Oval carabiners are best, although D-shaped carabiners also work. Avoid bent gate carabiners unless that's all you have in ...
The Carabiner Brake Method — Learn How to Rappel - Climbing
Plus it requires only a handful of carabiners, which you carry with you on every climb, to create. The drawbacks to the carabiner brake system include that it's ...
Essential Sport Climbing Gear & Equipment - About.com
Here's all the basic equipment you need to go sport climbing, including a rope, quickdraws, locking carabiners, and personal gear.
Locking Carabiner - Climbing - About.com
Locking carabiners are always used on belay and rappel devices, on anchors, and in every situation where it is very important that the rope or climber does not  ...
How to Check Climbing Gear for Wear and Tear - About.com
Toss any carabiners that don't close completely; have sticky gates; have gates that are hard to open; have gates that don't have any resistance; and have gritty ...
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