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Gasherbrum II: 13th Highest Mountain in the World

Fast Facts About Gasherbrum II


Gasherbrum II: 13th Highest Mountain in the World

Gasherbrum II is a remote but straight-forward 8,000-meter peak in Pakistan.

Photo courtesy Pakistan Tourist Board
Elevation: 26,360 feet (8,035 meters)
Location: Pakistan, Asia
First Ascent: Josef Larch, Fritz Moravec, and Hans Willenpart (Austria), July 8, 1956

Fast Facts:

  • Gasherbrum is Balti for “Beautiful Mountain;” rgasha beautiful brum mountain. It was first named K4 by T.G. Montgomerie on an 1856 survey.
  • Located in the remote Karakoram Range in northwestern Pakistan.
  • Gasherbrum II is not visible from any inhabited place.
  • The second ascent was in 1975, 19 years after the first, by a French team.
  • In 2006 a German expedition climbed GII and then skied down it in a mere 17 hours. It usually takes most climbers five days to simply climb it.
  • In 2007 Italians Karl Unterkircher and Daniele Bernasconi solved one of the great unclimbed Asian walls by climbing the impressive North Face of Gasherbrum II in quick alpine style.
  • The standard route up the Southwest Ridge is straight-forward, safe from avalanches, and one of the easier 8,000-meter peak routes.
  • It’s often the first 8,000-meter peak to be climbed by prospective high-altitude mountaineers.

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