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Climbing Blogs

Check out this selection of some of my favorite climbing blogs.

Semi-Rad: Relentless Pursuit of the Everyman's Adventure
An entertaining and interesting blog by climbing writer Brendan Leonard.

Splitter Choss
B.J. Sharra's SplitterChoss.com website, focusing on western Colorado, is simply one of the best climbing sites out there. B.J. always features great gear reviews, tech tips, opinion pieces, local beta, interviews, and rants.

Dirtbag Darling: Play Dirty
Johnie G writes about her blog: "Dirtbag Darling is a place for women like me—women who just want to explore the Great Outdoors and get a little dirty. It’s gear reviews, training plans, outdoor news, good eats, 101 lessons, interviews with inspiring outdoorsmen (and women!), photos, and adventure logs—and maybe a cute outfit or two because, hey, I AM a lady— that will hopefully educate and inspire you to get up, out and on your own adventures."

Summit Stones and Adventure Musings
An interesting and inspirational blog by DSD about the magic and mystery of mountains, the natural world, and the adventure experience.

Mountains and Water
A good blog about climbing, nature, and the art of climbing by Peter Beal, a Colorado climber and writer.

Introspective blog about gravity sports--climbing, ice climbing, and paragliding--by Will Gadd.

The Suburban Mountaineer
An interesting blog that "celebrate the mountains and enhance the quality of our limited ventures outdoors hiking, backpacking and climbing, particularly during our infrequent and brief vacations from our professional careers."

The Stone Mind
The Stone Mind is an always interesting blog by climber Justin Roth in Salt Lake City. Justin blogs about climbing and bouldering from a Zen perspective, that climbing and movement over rock is a path to enlightenment and being more fully in the world. Very cool.

Footless Crow
Footless Crow is a website in the United Kingdom that publishes and republishes British outdoor writing, particularly about climbing and mountaineering. The blog, with quality writing, publishes "content which is unashamedly traditional and celebrates the finest virtues of British mountaineering!"

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