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Sport Climbing Safety

What You Need to Know to Stay Safe


Brett Green keeps safe at Wall Street near Moab, Utah.

Sport climbing is lots of fun but can be dangerous.

Photo © Stewart M. Green Sport Climbing Safety

Learn to fall safely and without getting hurt is an essential sport climbing skill to learn.

Photograph Stewart M. Green Martha Morris edges up Lava Flows (5.11a) on Dead Cholla Cliff near Taos, New Mexico

The art of clipping bolts on sport routes gets you out to lots of cool and beautiful climbing areas.

Photograph Stewart M. Green

Just because sport climbing seems safe with bolt protection and sound beefy anchors, doesn’t mean that it is laboratory safe. You have to remember that any kind of climbing is fraught with danger. Every time you go climbing, no matter how much fun you’re having, you run the risk of not coming home at the end of the day. It’s up to you to have the needed knowledge and skills to have a safe sport climbing experience. Here’s what you need to know and some thoughts on climbing safety.


What You Need to Know


Learn to Climb Safely

You need to create a safe sport climbing environment by following my 10 Always Tips for Safe Climbing; know how to safely lead and how to fall; and know how to recognize, manage, and mitigate the ever-present dangers of rock climbing.


Learn All Essential Climbing Skills

Learn all the climbing and rope-handling skills you need to be safe for climbing outside. Don’t rely on information presented here at About.com or in any other climbing book or video to be safe. Your safety depends on your sound judgment. Learn the necessary skills for climbing safely in your local climbing gym and by taking lessons from an experienced guide and instructor before venturing outside on your own. Read Climbing Safely is Your Responsibility for more information and thoughts about your climbing safety.


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