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Climbing Knots

Learn all the climbing knots you need to know when you go rock climbing. Follow clear step-by-step photographs to learn how to tie the climbing knots correctly. Knots include friction knots, knots for rappelling, tie-in knots like the figure-8 follow-through knot, hitches including the clove hitch, and knots to tie ropes together like the double fisherman's knot.
  1. Friction Knots for Climbing (8)
  2. Knots for Rappelling (9)

Knots for Climbing
All about knots for climbing, including the best knots for climbing; knot strength; and how to tie and untie knots.

The 6 Most Important Knots
You need to know these 6 knots to go rock climbing safely--Figure-8 Follow-Through Knot, Clove Hitch, Figure-8-on-a-Bight, Double Fisherman's Knot, Prusik Loop, and Mnter Hitch.

How to Tie a Figure-8 Follow-Through Knot
How to tie a Figure-8 Follow-Through knot, the best knot for tying into a climbing rope.

How to Tie and Untie Knots
How to tie and untie climbing knots.

Munter Hitch
Dropped your belay or rappel device? Then learn how the Munter hitch can save the day for an emergency belay or rappel.

Double Overhand Knot
A Double Overhand Knot is used to tie 2 ropes together for rappelling.

Equalizing Figure-8 Knot
The Equalizing Figure-8 Knot is an ideal knot to know for tying a climbing rope into anchors.

Figure-8-on-a-Bight Knot
The Figure-8-on-a-Bight Knot is a very secure knot used to tie a climber to an anchor.

Animated Knots by Grog
Check out how to tie 17 common climbing knots.

How to Tie an Equalizing Figure-8 Knot -- Essential Rock Climbing Knots
How to Tie an Equalizing Figure-8 Knot -- Essential Rock Climbing Knots

4 Friction Knots for Climbers
Every climber needs to know these 4 friction knots--Prusik knot, Klemheist knot, Bachmann knot, and Autoblock knot--to climb a rope in an emergency or to escape a belay during a self-rescue.

Clove Hitch for Climbing
The Clove Hitch Knot is an easy-to-tie and strong knot used to tie a climber to an anchor. Learn all about the clove hitch and its advantages and disadvantages.

How to Tie a Clove Hitch for Climbing
The clove hitch is a simple and easy-to-tie hitch knot that is one of the six essential climbing knots that every rock climber and mountaineer needs to know. Learn about the clove hitch and how to tie one in 5 simple steps.

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