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How to Tie and Use a Klemheist Knot


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Step 2: How to Tie a Klemheist Knot
Arrange the wraps so they're tight against the rope.

Now bring the bottom loop up and through the top loop and tighten.

Photograph © Stewart M. Green

Second Step to Tie a Klemheist Knot

The second step to tie a Klemheist knot, after you’ve wrapped the Prusik sling around the climbing rope four or five times, is to take the bottom tail of the sling (the end with the knot) and pass it up through the open loop at the top of the knot. Tighten down and dress the knot by neatly arranging the wraps. Now clip a carabiner into the bottom open loop and test it. If it slips, add another wrap. If it doesn’t, you’re ready to go.

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