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Céüse, France Rock Climbing Photo Gallery

The Best Sport Climbing in the World


Céüse, one of the world's best sport climbing areas, is a long limestone cliff that towers above deep valleys in the Haute Alpes region of southern France. The immaculate pocketed limestone, streaked blue, gold, and gray, offers routes for everyone from moderate multi-pitch adventures on Grande Face to crimpy technical testpieces at Secteur Demi-Lune to arm-blasting overhanging jug hauls up Secteur Cascade. Céüse also features Realization, the world's first 5.15a route, which American climbing star Chris Sharma established.

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Céüse Limestone Looms Above Fertile French CountrysideIan Pumps Pockets on Tenere Privilege du Serpent at Secteur CascadeAnja Ascends Perfect Stone at Thorgal
Perfect Limestone on Mirage at the Best Crag in the WorldThe Artistry of Wounded Knee and Sitting BullCruising Vagabond d'Occident is no AccidentWildly Overhanging Stone on Bibendum
Bouldering on Pillars Atop Mont Céüse
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