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Photo Gallery of Rock Climbing at the Garden of the Gods, Colorado


The Garden of the Gods, a Colorado Springs city park since 1911, is a spectacular arena for rock climbers with its soaring sandstone formations and pinnacles. The cliffs at the Garden of the Gods, one of the oldest technical climbing areas in the United States, were first climbed on by the Ute Indians and then by college professor Albert Ellingwood who brought rope and climbing skills learned in England to the Garden in 1914. Today's climbers have a choice of over 200 routes of all grades. For more information consult the guidebooks Rock Climbing Colorado and Rock Climbing Garden of the Gods.
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Earl Wiggins Finds a Place in the SunPete Takeda Gets Vertical on Kor's KornerBrad Saren Crimps Up Skip It Or Clip ItJannette and Carol Meet Montezuma's Revenge
Ian Spencer-Green Does A Grapefruit DanceClimbers Edging Across Finger TraverseMark Hesse Gets Warm On SnugglesC.J. Sidebottom Has Vivid Pig Dreams
Bob D'Antonio Gets Up Close and Personal With Mr. Fred
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