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Hueco Tanks Rock Climbing Photo Gallery

A Gallery of Climbing Photographs from Hueco Tanks


Hueco Tanks State Historical Park, a collection of three granite mountains rising above the desert east of El Paso, Texas, offers some of America’s best bouldering and climbing on its soaring rock walls and scattered boulder gardens. The park, with a warm, dry climate, is regarded as America’s premier winter climbing area. The 250-foot-high Front Side cliff offers lots of classic and fun climbing routes. Check out my on-line guide to Hueco’s routes. It’s the excellent and varied boulders, however, that bring rock jocks to Hueco in the winter. Here you’ll find hundreds of boulder problems for climbers from beginner to ace. It’s a great place to roam about and discover the joy of movement, the harmony of the natural world, and the essence of the bouldering experience.
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North Mountain offers Hueco's only unguided bouldering opportunities.Sunset Bouldering on North MountainRainbow Arcs Over Hueco Tanks"Full Service," the park's most famous V10 problem, is also at Dragon's Den.A Classic Hueco ProblemThis photo was taken during Hueco's heyday in the mid-1990s when thousands of climbers came.Hueco is a Bouldering Playground
"Lunch Rock Direct" is a fun one-pitch jug-haul up the left side of The Front Side.Cruising for HuecosUriah's Heap is No PileLet Them Eat CakeCrank Like a Dragonfly Sting Like a Bee
Into the Sunset
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