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New England Ice Climbing Photo Gallery

A Gallery of Ice Climbing Photos from New England


New England and Quebec offer some of the best ice climbing opportunities in North America. A combination of wet winters, deep snow, and frigid temperatures causes water ice to form numerous ice falls on the region’s cliffs as well as its high mountains. The best ice climbing centers on northern New Hampshire and Vermont and in southern Quebec. Some of New Hampshire’s best ice venues include Cathedral Ledge by North Conway, Mount Willard and Frankenstein Cliff at Crawford Notch, the gullies on Mount Washington, and immense Cannon Cliff towering above Franconia Notch. To the northwest in Vermont is the west face of Mount Pisgah above Lake Willoughby with the greatest concentration of difficult ice routes in the United States. Across the Canadian border is Pont Rouge, a fabulous ice climbing area with not only pure water ice climbs but also many tricky mixed routes. Thanks to New Hampshire ice climber Eric McCallister for this gallery of spectacular New England ice climbing photographs.
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Keith on Chia DirectGregory Bell on Steep Water IceThe Last GentlemanJim Ewing Takes Machine Shop
Climbing Wild Mixed TerrainAbby Confronts Le TubeLivingston Meets DraculaMatt Picks Over a Roof
Jim Goes Dialing For MurderSoloing Chia Direct
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