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The Last Gentleman

A Lake Willoughby Classic Climb


The Last Gentleman

Three ice climbers work up "The Last Gentleman," a classic ice route on Mount Pisgah above Lake Willoughby, Vermont.

Photograph © Eric McCallister
Vermont isn’t normally thought of as a climbing destination but Mount Pisgah at Lake Willoughby in near the Quebec border is one of New England’s best ice climbing venues. The big west-facing cliff, towering above the frozen lake, offers the largest concentration of hard routes in the Northeast from single pitch to committing multi-pitch climbs. Here a party of three climb "Last Gentleman" (W15), a 500-foot-high classic Willoughby ice climb up a wide ice flow. The route, first climbed by Tim and Rainsford Rouner in 1976, is usually done in four pitches.
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