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Learn How to Climb

Learn how to climb by following this beginner's guide to climbing in an indoor gym. Learn to gear up, tie the right knot, belay and lower, and climb a wall.
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Learn How to Climb -- Learn About Rock Climbing
Learn how to rock climb with these comprehensive articles about climbing equipment, climbing knots, climbing movement, climbing anchors, descending and rappelling, and climbing safety. Every climber from a beginner starting out at an indoor gym to a seasoned big wall veteran will find lots of climbing tips and techniques. Now, let's go climbing!

Six Performance Climbing Tips
Use these six climbing movement tips to improve your performance on the rocks. Learn about properly using your feet, legs, and hands; how to make basic climbing strategies; and how to be one with the rock. Read them, practice them, and get climbing.

Learn How to Climb: Your First Time
You're ready to go rock climbing. Here's what you need to know to start climbing at your local indoor climbing gym.

Learn How to Climb: Gearing Up
Gearing up to go climbing for the first time in an indoor climbing gym.

Learn How to Climb: Tying into the Rope
How to tie into a climbing rope and why the Figure-Eight Follow-Through is the best knot for tying in.

Learn How to Climb: Belaying Basics
Belaying is one of the most important climbing skills. Here you learn the basics about belaying and using belay devices.

Learn How to Climb: Climbing Up
Learn how to climb an indoor wall in a climbing gym and then lower back to the ground.

Learn How to Climb: Lowering Back Down
Learn how to lower back to the wall base after climbing an indoor wall for the first time.

10 Rock Shoe Buying Tips for Beginners
The rock shoes you buy, even your first pair, is one of the most important climbing equipment purchasing decisions you will make. Learn here how to decide what rock shoes to buy and what kind of rock shoes you need.

Which Rock Shoes Should I Wear?
You're just learning how to climb and want to buy a new pair of rock climbing shoes. Learn the essentials here about what kind of shoes to buy and how they should fit your foot.

Two Important Belaying Rules
Belaying is one of the most serious climbing skills that you learn and use when you go rock climbing. Follow these two important belaying rules--Pay Attention and Don't Let Go--and keep your climbing partner safe if they fall.

How Can I Rock Climb if Im Afraid of Heights?
"How can I go rock climbing if Im afraid of heights?" is a frequently asked question (FAQ) about climbing by beginners. The answer is "Everyone is afraid of heights because it helps us survive but you can get over that fear." Read my long answer to find out why we're afraid of heights and some tips on getting over a fear of high places.

How can I climb if I’m afraid of falling?
"How can I go rock climbing if I’m afraid of falling?" is a frequently asked question (FAQ) about climbing by beginners. The quick answer is "Most climbers are afraid of falling but it’s a natural human fear that keeps us alive.” Read my long answer to find out why we’re afraid of falling and how to get over a fear of falling.

Emergency Info Planner Card
Before you go climbing, fill out an Emergency Info Planner card and leave it with a family member or friend so that they know your climbing plans and when they should call search-and-rescue services if you're overdue home.

Am I Too Old to Start Rock Climbing?
Am I too old to start rock climbing?" is a frequently asked question (FAQ) about climbing by beginners and senior citizens. The quick answer is "No!" Read my long answer to find out why climbing is an ideal sport to take up at any age, where to learn to climb, why hire a guide, how to avoid injury, and how to have lots of fun on the rock.

Climbing Style and Ethics
The style that we climb a route or mountain is often more important than getting to the top. Learn about climbing style and ethics, why equipment and technology makes climbing easier, and why adding fixed gear like bolts to routes can bring them to a lower level.

Basic Footwork for Novice Climbers
Footwork is the most difficult aspect of rock climbing for beginners to master. Most novice climbers want to pull with their arms, rather than push with their legs. Follow these suggestions and tips to learn how to use your feet better when you climb, how to identify and use different kinds of footholds, and how to practice footwork to climb...

Wear Climbing Shorts in Summer
Shorts are the best article of clothing to wear for warm weather rock climbing in the summer. Find out all about climbing shorts, how long they should be, what kind of fabric is best, why a gusset is important, and what kind of pockets your shorts should have.

Practice Climbing Footwork at Indoor Gyms
It's easy to lose your footwork when climbing at indoor gyms. All the holds are usually big or positive so you can get by with sloppy feet. Follow these 8 tips to improve your climbing footwork by practicing in your local indoor gym so you can keep your best foot forward out on the rocks.

How to Lower from a Climbing Route
The best and easiest way to descend from a sport or top-rope route is by having your belayer lower you back to the ground with the climbing rope. Lowering, however, is sometimes counter-intuitive and the climber has to trust the safety system. Learn lowering techniques and tips to help you lower down and to lower your climbing buddy back to...

Climb in Balance with the X-Body Position
Rock climbing is all about staying in balance, about finding equilibrium as you move. Learn how to move from your body's core or torso as you climb rock faces and to always stay in balance as you move upward by using the X-body position and by always moving with three points of contact with the rock as much as possible.

All About Indoor Climbing
What's the easiest way to learn how to climb? Go to an indoor climbing gym. The weather is always good. There's lots of terrain to climb around on. You can meet new partners and friends. And you will learn basic climbing skills and how to move across the vertical world. Learn more about indoor rock climbing here.

Practice Aid Climbing Takes You High Places
If you want to climb a big wall, then you need to learn to aid climb. It's best to start aiding on small cliffs or even on a gym wall to master the basic mechanics and skills of aid climbing. Then practice to get the techniques down before doing multi-pitch routes and then a big wall in Yosemite Valley. Learn all about learning how to aid climb.

Basics of Indoor Gym Climbing
If you want to learn how to rock climb there is no better place to start than at an indoor climbing gym. Find out about types of gyms, what to expect when you climb indoors, some safety tips, and how to avoid injury when you climb in the great indoors.

How Many Climbers are in the United States?
How many climbers are in the United States? A 2012 study and survey details how many sport and traditional climbers are in the US and compares them to previous years. The results are surprising. Are there more or less climbers than you think? Read and find out...

Take Your Kids Rock Climbing
If you take your children rock climbing then you need to be a responsible climbing parent by making sure that your kids are safe, aren't bored, and don't bother other climbers. Read more about bad cliff behavior and tips on kid climbing fun.

Do I Weigh too much to go Rock Climbing?
Climbing FAQ: "Do I weight too much to go rock climbing?" You don't have to be super skinny and feather light to be a good climber--but it helps.

Learn How to Climb: Gearing Up
Learn what essential rock climbing equipment, including rock shoes, a harness, and belay device, that you need to go climbing for the first time in an indoor climbing gym.

Learn How to Lead on Sport Climbs
It's best for novice climbers to learn how to lead by climbing sport routes which are protected with preplaced permanent bolts. Learn what climbing skills you need to lead sport routes, how to pick the first routes to lead, and what equipment to bring to learn how to lead climb on a cliff.

Climbing FAQs: 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Rock Climbing
Here are the answers to 5 frequently asked questions about rock climbing. Find out if climbing is safe; what are the types of climbing; should you start at an indoor gym; what is bouldering; and can you weigh too much to climb.

Gearing Up -- What Climbing Equipment Do You Need?
It's your first time climbing in an indoor gym and you're wondering what equipment you need. Read this article and learn exactly what gear that you're going to need to use when you go rock climbing.

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