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Learn How to Rock Climb


You want to learn how to go rock climbing? Learn how to climb by following these articles about climbing equipment, climbing knots, climbing movement, climbing skills and techniques, and safety. Everyone from the total beginner to the experienced hardman can learn something new here. When you climb, you're always improving your climbing skills and techniques, you're always learning new ways to stay safe climbing, you're always getting to be more efficient so you can climb harder and higher. Read the articles, practice and learn new techniques, and you'll be ready for high adventures.
  1. Let's Go Climbing! Learn All About Climbing
  2. Beginner's Guide to Climbing
  3. Climbing Equipment
  1. Knots for Climbing
  2. Climbing Skills and Techniques
  3. Climbing Safety

Let's Go Climbing! Learn All About Climbing

Let's go climbing! Learn here what climbing is all about. Learn about the various types of climbing. Learn why climbers chase the thrills of the vertical world. Learn why climbing is both fun and challenging.

Beginner's Guide to Climbing

Learn how to climb by following this beginner's guide to climbing in an indoor gym. Learn what equipment you need, how to tie into the rope, how to belay your climbing partner, the basic climbing movements to reach the top, and finally, how to safely lower back to the ground.

Climbing Equipment

The late Jack Mileski spots Alex at the Campground Boulders in Elevenmile Canyon, Colorado.

If you're going to go rock climbing, then you're going to need some basic climbing gear. Check out all these articles on essential rock climbing equipment, including rock shoes, your harness, belay and rappel devices, climbing ropes, helmets, and the necessary gear for top-rope climbing, sport climbing, and bouldering.

Knots for Climbing

Learn all the knots you need to know when you go rock climbing. Follow clear step-by-step photographs to learn how to tie the knots correctly. Knots include friction knots, knots for rappelling, knots to tie into a climbing rope, hitches, and knots to tie ropes together.

Climbing Skills and Techniques

Rock climbing requires a lot of different skills and techniques. Learn about top-rope climbing, sport climbing, traditional climbing, speed climbing, and bouldering. Learn here how to belay; how to face climb and jam cracks; how to place gear and set up safe anchors, all the right climbing commands to communicate, and how to rappel off cliffs.

Climbing Safety

Climbing is dangerous. No matter how much fun you're having, things can go wrong. Learn how to do everything you can to stay safe when you're on the rocks and to take responsibility for your personal safety. Learn about sport climbing safety and top-rope climbing safety. Learn how to avoid lightning strikes during thunderstorms and heat illnesses in the summer. Learn how to rappel safely and to avoid loose rock.

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