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Let's Go Climbing

Let's go climbing! This introduction defines what climbing is, the various types of climbing, and explains why we chase the thrills of the vertical world. You'll also find a primer for your first climbing experience in an indoor climbing gym and learn what essential gear a beginner climber needs.

Climbing Safely is Your Responsibility
Read this before using any other page here. Climbing safely is your responsibility. Stay safe climbing by exercising good judgment and by knowing the limitations of your skills, ability, and experience.

What is Climbing?
Want to know what climbing is all about? This article describes climbing as a recreational sport that uses hands and feet to ascend steep obstacles like mountains, cliffs, and artifical walls.

Why Go Climbing?
Why go climbing? It's a lot of fun, gets you outside, and challenges you to push the boundaries of the possible. Learn here about some of the risks and rewards that climbing offers.

Types of Climbing
Climbing is divided into different types and styles, including rock climbing, bouldering, ice climbing, and mountaineering.

Do I have to be strong to go rock climbing?
"How strong do I have to be to go rock climbing?" is a frequently asked question (FAQ) about climbing. The answer is "Not very strong." Read my long answer to find out why economical climbing movement and good technique is more important than strength when you're rock climbing.

Am I Too Old to Start Rock Climbing?
Am I too old to start rock climbing?" is a frequently asked question (FAQ) about climbing by beginners and senior citizens. The quick answer is "No!" Read my long answer to find out why climbing is an ideal sport to take up at any age, where to learn to climb, why hire a guide, how to avoid injury, and how to have lots of fun on the rock.

Learn to Climb Outside
If you learned to climb in an indoor gym, you need to get outside climbing on real rock. The best way to learn to safely climb outside is to take a climbing class or take lessons from an experienced guide. Here's the low-down on climbing guide services and how to pick the right climbing guide for your outdoor adventures.

The Joy of Traveling and Climbing Alone
Part of the climbing experience is taking a road trip to new climbing areas and mountain ranges. In this essay, About.com expert Stewart Green gives his thoughts on solo climbing trips to Europe and beyond. Just say "Yes!"

The Different Styles of Climbing Ascents
The style that climbers use to ascend a route is just as important as what they climb. Learn about climbing style, including onsight climbs, flash ascents, redpoint ascents, hangdogging, and yo-yo climbing.

Climbing FAQs: 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Rock Climbing Part II
When you start out rock climbing you're going to have a lot of questions about climbing and if it's safe. Here are 5 frequently asked questions (FAQs) about climbing, including taking kids climbing, what is belaying, what is toproping, and what if I fall?

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