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What is Climbing?

Defining the Joy of the Vertical


What is Climbing?

Ian Spencer-Green climbing "Bullet the Blue Sky" at Penitente Canyon, Colorado.

Photo © Stewart M. Green

Climbing is simply the activity of using your hands and feet to surmount a steep obstacle such as an artificial wall, boulder, cliff, or mountain. Usually done for recreational enjoyment, fun, and sport, climbing allows you to fully experience the great outdoors by giving you eagle-eye views from lofty summits, pushing both your physical fitness and mental health, and offering you a way to confront and control a couple of our greatest human fears—that of falling and that of heights. Climbing is a risky sport that requires both skill and nerve for success. Climbing tools and equipment such as ropes, harnesses, carabiners, cams, and helmets are all used to lessen the risks of climbing and gravity.

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