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List of California's Fourteeners

California's 14,000-foot Mountains


List of California's Fourteeners

Mount Whitney, in California's Sierra Nevada Range, is the highest mountain in the lower 48 states.

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Here is a complete listing of California’s 13 Fourteeners or 14,000-foot peaks, their elevations, and the mountain range each is located in. Also listed at the end as extra credit are 10 sub-peaks or high points off the main summits.

  1. Mount Whitney 14,505 feet Sierra Nevada
  2. Mount Williamson 14,389 feet Sierra Nevada
  3. White Mountain Peak 14,252 feet White Mountains
  4. North Palisade 14,248 feet Sierra Nevada
  5. Mount Shasta 14,179 feet Cascade Range
  6. Mount Sill 14,159 feet Sierra Nevada
  7. Mount Russell 14,094 feet Sierra Nevada
  8. Split Mountain 14,064 feet Sierra Nevada
  9. Mount Langley 14,032 feet Sierra Nevada
  10. Mount Tyndall 14,025 feet Sierra Nevada
  11. Mount Muir 14,018 feet Sierra Nevada
  12. Middle Palisade 14,018 feet Sierra Nevada
  13. Thunderbolt Peak 14,003 feet Sierra Nevada

10 Extra Credit California Fourteeners

The following 10 Fourteeners are all sub-peaks or high point that are not accepted by the US Geological Survey because the difference between the summit of the nearest high peak and the nearest saddle is less than 300 feet. Nonetheless, these are included for extra credit for intrepid peak baggers. Some like Keeler Needle also offer spectacular alpine rock climbs.

  1. Keeler’s Needle 14,240 feet Mount Whitney
  2. Starlight Peak 14,180 North Palisade
  3. Day Needle 14,173 feet Mount Whitney
  4. Third Needle 14,107 feet Mount Whitney
  5. West Horn 14,107 feet Mount Williamson
  6. East Summit 14,088 feet Mount Russell
  7. Polemenium 14,080 North Palisade
  8. Aiguille Extra 14,042 Mount Whitney
  9. East Horn 14,042 Mount Williamson
  10. West Summit 14,040 Mount Shasta

Here are a couple good books with route descriptions:

Compare PricesClimbing California's Fourteeners: The Route Guide to the Fifteen Highest Peaks by Stephen Porcella and Cameron M. Burns

Compare PricesClimbing California's Mountains by Jay Anderson

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