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List of New Hampshire 4,000-Foot Peaks

New Hampshire's 48 Highest Mountains


Mount Washington (right) is New Hampshire's highest 4,000-foot mountain.

Autumn leaves and winter snow highlight the Presidential Range in New Hampshire's White Mountains.

Photograph © Alan Kearney/Getty Images

New Hampshire offers climbers 48 mountains that rise higher than 4,000 feet (1,219 meters). Here is a complete listing of all the Four-Thousanders, their elevations, and their mountain ranges. All of the mountains are in White Mountain National Forest and in Coos and Grafton counties in northern New Hampshire.

Most of the summits lie within the White Mountains, a sprawling glaciated range that covers almost 30% of New Hampshire and is further divided into many smaller ranges. The White Mountains, part of the long north-south Appalachian Mountains, are the most rugged as well as the highest range in New England.

The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) maintains the official list of New England 4,000-foot peaks in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. Like elsewhere, the criterion that determines what is a separate peak is debateable. The AMC deems that the prominence or the vertical distance between one summit and the nearest low point to another summit must be at least 200 feet. This differs, for instance, from Colorado where the prominence must be 300 feet.

  1. Mount Washington
    6,288 feet Presidential Range
  2. Mount Adams
    5,774 feet Presidential Range
  3. Mount Jefferson
    5,712 feet Northern Presidential Range
  4. Mount Monroe
    5,384 feet Southern Presidential Range
  5. Mount Madison
    5,367 feet Presidential Range
  6. Mount Lafayette
    5,260 feet Presidential Range
  7. Mount Lincoln
    5,089 feet Presidential Range
  8. South Twin Mountain
    4,902 feet Twin Range
  9. Carter Dome
    4,832 feet Carter Range
  10. Mount Moosilauke
    4,802 feet White Mountains
  11. Mount Eisenhower
    4,780 feet Presidential Range
  12. North Twin Mountain
    4,761 feet Presidential Range
  13. Mount Carrigain
    4,700 feet Presidential Range
  14. Mount Bond
    4,698 feet Twin Range
  15. Middle Carter
    4,610 feet Carter Range
  16. West Bond Mountain
    4,540 feet Twin Range
  17. Mount Garfield
    4,500 feet Presidential Range
  18. Mount Liberty
    4,459 feet Franconia Ridge
  19. South Carter
    4,430 feet Carter Range
  20. Wildcat Mountain
    4,422 feet Carter Range
  21. Mount Hancock
    4,420 feet Presidential Range
  22. South Kinsman
    4,358 feet Kinsman Range
  23. Mount Field
    4,340 feet Willey Range
  24. Mount Osceola
    4,340 feet Sandwich Range
  25. Mount Flume
    4,328 feet Franconia Range
  26. South Hancock Peak
    4,319 feet Presidential Range
  27. Mount Pierce
    4,310 feet Presidential Range
  28. North Kinsman
    4,293 feet Kinsman Range
  29. Mount Willey
    4,285 feet Willey Range
  30. Bondcliff
    4,265 feet Twin Range
  31. Mount Zealand
    4,260 feet Twin Range
  32. North Tripyramid Mountain
    4,180 feet Sandwich Range
  33. Mount Cabot
    4,170 feet Pilot Range
  34. East Osceola Mountain
    4,156 feet Sandwich Range
  35. Middle Tripyramid
    4,140 feet Sandwich Range
  36. Cannon Mountain
    4,100 feet Cannon Range
  37. Mount Hale
    4,054 feet Twin Range
  38. Mount Jackson
    4,052 feet Presidential Range
  39. Mount Tom
    4,051 feet Willey Range
  40. Wildcat D Peak
    4,050 feet Carter Range
  41. Mount Moriah
    4,049 feet Carter-Moriah Range
  42. Mount Passaconaway
    4,043 feet Sandwich Range
  43. Owl's Head Mountain
    4,025 feet Franconia Range-Twin Range
  44. Galehead Mountain
    4,024 feet Twin Range
  45. Whiteface Mountain
    4,020 feet Sandwich Range
  46. Waumbek Mountain
    4,006 feet Pliny Range
  47. Mount Isolation
    4,004 feet Presidential Range
  48. Mount Tecumseh
    4,003 feet Sandwich Range
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