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List of U.S. State High Points

The High Points of 50 U.S. States


Denali at sunrise
Regis Vincent/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images
Mount Adams towers beyond Mount Rainier at sunset.

Mount Rainier is the highest mountain in Washington.

Photograph © Sunset Avenue Productions/Getty Images
The summit of Guadalupe Peak is reached by a 4.2-mile-long trail.

Guadalupe Peak, the highest mountain in Texas, towers beyond cliff-rimmed El Capitan in Guadalupe National Park.

Photograph © Stewart M. Green

A lot of peak baggers like to compile and accomplish lists of peaks. Some climb all of Colorado's Fourteeners or California's Fourteeners, others might climb the high points of the Adirondacks or White Mountains. But some want to scale the high points in all 50 states. Admittedly some of these are pretty tough peaks, like Denali or Mount Rainier, but most are literally a walk in the park. Some you can even drive up…if you can call it "up."

"Yep, I'm atop Ebright Azimuth, the 442-foot high point of our great state of Delaware. Rough climb! Oh, look. I see the Pennsylvania state line right there, and there's Concord High School and a radio tower and a box with newspapers, and over yonder through the trees is Dartmouth Woods housing development. I better watch it here. Don't want to get hit by a car!"

Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration. But it isn't far from the truth. So here's the list of the high points for all 50 U.S. states plus Washington D.C. If you knock off all these summits and are totally bored, let me know and I'll compile the high points for all the U.S. territories. Then get ready to book your air tickets to Puerto Rico and American Samoa and U.S. Virgin Islands.

  1. Denali AKA Mount McKinley
    Elevation: 20,320 feet
    State: Alaska
    Range: Alaska Range
  2. Mount Whitney
    Elevation: 14,505 feet
    State: California
    Range: Sierra Nevada
  3. Mount Elbert
    Elevation: 14,440 feet
    State: Colorado
    Range: Sawatch Range
  4. Mount Rainier
    Elevation: 14,411 feet
    State: Washington
    Range: Cascade Range
  5. Gannet Peak
    Elevation: 13,804 feet
    State: Wyoming
    Range: Wind River Range
  6. Mauna Kea
    Elevation: 13,796 feet
    State: Hawaii
    Range: Hawaii
  7. Kings Peak
    Elevation: 13,528 feet
    State: Utah
    Range: Uintah Range
  8. Wheeler Peak
    Elevation: 13,161 feet
    State: New Mexico
    Range: Sangre de Cristo Range
  9. Boundary Peak
    Elevation: 13,140 feet
    State: Nevada
    Range: White Mountains
  10. Granite Peak
    Elevation: 12,799 feet
    State: Montana
    Range: Beartooth Range
  11. Borah Peak
    Elevation: 12,662 feet
    State: Idaho
    Range: Lost River Range
  12. Humphreys Peak
    Elevation: 12,633 feet
    State: Arizona
    Range: San Francisco Peaks
  13. Mount Hood
    Elevation: 11,239 feet
    State: Oregon
    Range: Cascade Range
  14. Guadalupe Peak
    Elevation: 8,749 feet
    State: Texas
    Range: Guadalupe Range
  15. Harney Peak
    Elevation: 7,242 feet
    State:South Dakota
    Range: Black Hills
  16. Mount Mitchell
    Elevation: 6,684 feet
    State: North Carolina
    Range: Black Mountains
  17. Clingmans Dome
    Elevation: 6,643 feet
    State: Tennessee
    Range: Great Smoky Mountains
  18. Mount Washington
    Elevation: 6,288 feet
    State: New Hampshire
    Range: Presidential Range
  19. Mount Rogers
    Elevation: 5,729 feet
    State: Virginia
    Range: Appalachian Mountains
  20. Panorama Point
    Elevation: 5,426 feet
    State: Nebraska
    Range: Great Plains
  21. Mount Marcy
    Elevation: 5, 344 feet
    State: New York
    Range: Adirondacks
  22. Katahdin
    Elevation: 5,268 feet
    State: Maine
    Range: Katahdin Group
  23. Black Mesa
    Elevation: 4,973 feet
    State: Oklahoma
    Range: Mesa de Maya
  24. Spruce Knob
    Elevation: 4,861 feet
    State: West Virginia
    Range: Appalachian Mountains
  25. Brasstown Bald
    Elevation: 4,783 feet
    State: Georgia
    Range: Appalachian Mountains
  26. Mount Mansfield
    Elevation: 4,393 feet
    State: Vermont
    Range: Green Mountains
  27. Black Mountain
    Elevation: 4,139 feet
    State: Kentucky
    Range: Cumberland Mountains
  28. Mount Sunflower
    Elevation: 4,039 feet
    State: Kansas
    Range: Great Plains
  29. Sassafras Mountain
    Elevation: 3,554 feet
    State: South Carolina
    Range: Blue Ridge Mountains
  30. White Butte
    Elevation: 3,506 feet
    State: North Dakota
    Range: Great Plains
  31. Mount Greylock
    Elevation: 3,488 feet
    State: Massachusetts
    Range: Taconic Mountains
  32. Backbone Mountain
    Elevation: 3,360 feet
    State: Maryland
    Range: Appalachian Mountains
  33. Mount Davis
    Elevation: 3,213 feet
    State: Pennsylvania
    Range: Allegeny Mountains
  34. Magazine Mountain
    Elevation: 2,753 feet
    State: Arkansas
    Range: Ozark Highlands
  35. Cheaha Mountain
    Elevation: 2,405 feet
    State: Alabama
    Range: Talladega Mountains
  36. Mount Frissell
    Elevation: 2,372 feet
    State: Connecticut
    Range: Taconic Mountains
  37. Eagle Mountain
    Elevation: 2,301 feet
    State: Minnesota
    Range: Misquah Hills
  38. Mount Arvon
    Elevation: 1,979 feet
    State: Michigan
    Range: Huron Mountains
  39. Timms Hill
    Elevation: 1,951 feet
    State: Wisconsin
    Range: Great Lakes Region
  40. High Point
    Elevation: 1,951 feet
    State: New Jersey
    Range: Kittatinny Mountains
  41. Taum Sauk Mountain
    Elevation: 1,772 feet
    State: Missouri
    Range: Saint Francois Mountains
  42. Hawkeye Point
    Elevation: 1,670 feet
    State: Iowa
    Range: Great Plains
  43. Campbell Hill
    Elevation: 1,549 feet
    State: Ohio
    Range: Logan Hills
  44. Hoosier Hill
    Elevation: 1,257 feet
    State: Indiana
    Range: Crawford Upland
  45. Charles Mount
    Elevation: 1,235 feet
    State: Illinois
    Range: Driftless Area
  46. Jerimoth Hill
    Elevation: 812 feet
    State: Rhode Island
    Range: Jerimoth Hill
  47. Woodall Mountain
    Elevation: 806 feet
    State: Mississippi
    Range: Southwest Appalachian Mountains
  48. Driskell Mountain
    Elevation: 535 feet
    State: Louisiana
    Range: Driskell Mountain
  49. Ebright Azimuth
    Elevation: 442 feet
    State: Delaware
    Range: Ebright Azimuth
  50. Reno Hill
    Elevation: 409 feet
    State: Washington DC
    Range: Reno Hill
  51. Britton Hill
    Elevation: 345 feet
    State: Florida
    Range: Florida Ridge Hills

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