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Top Climbers

Who are the best climbers in the world? Discover all about the sport's elite athletes in interviews, profiles, videos, and photographs.

John Bachar: American Rock Climbing Icon
John Bachar (1957-2009) was an iconic American climber who died in a fall free-soloing in California. Bachar, from southern California, was perhaps the best climber of his generation with numerous landmark ascents in Yosemite Valley, Joshua Tree, Colorado and other climbing areas. Read more about John Bachar and a timeline of his life and times.

Chris Sharma Climbs for NPR
Read about Chris Sharma, perhaps the world's best rock climber, and then download an interview with him on NPR.

Chris Sharma on Biographie
Chris Sharma talks with Roberto Fioravanti about his landmark first ascent of Biographie at Céüse, France.

High Infatuation: The Official Website of Steph Davis
High Infatuation by Steph Davis, one of America's best all around women climbers, is one of the better climber blogs out there.

Eric Hörst: Training for Climbing
Check out master climber and trainer Eric Hörst's Training for Climbing website. Here you'll find training tips, podcasts, and lots of info and articles.

Todd Skinner: Legendary American Climber
Todd Skinner (1958-2006) was an iconic American rock climber that was killed in a rappelling accident on the Leaning Tower in Yosemite Valley. Todd was a prolific climber that roamed all over the world putting up new routes, including major climbs in Pakistan, Africa, Greenland, Canada, as well as Yosemite Valley and his home cliffs in Wyoming.

Patrick Edlinger: Great French Free Climber Died in 2012
Patrick Edlinger, a great French climber, was a superstar rock climber during the 1980s. Edlinger traveled the world for climbing adventures, approaching climbing as a meditation and yoga. He died after a fall in his home in 2012.

Layton Kor: Legendary Rock Climber Died in 2013
Obituary for Layton Kor (1938-2013), a legendary American rock climber who established many routes in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California, and Europe. Kor was one of the best American climbers in the 1960s.

10-Year-Old Climber Ascends 5.14a Route
Jon Horst from Pennsylvania became the youngest person in the world to climb a 5.14a route without falling at the age of 10 years 7 months at Kentucky's Red River Gorge.

10 Climbing Quotes from Royal Robbins
Royal Robbins, one of the greatest American rock climbers, redefined climbing in the 1960s. Here is a collection of 10 quotes about climbing and the climbing life from Royal Robbins, an original stone master on the granite walls of Yosemite Valley.

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