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Wall Street: Moab's Most Popular Climbing Area


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Wall Street: Moab's Most Popular Climbing Area
Brett Green cranks the classic route Nervous in Suburbia (5.10a) at Wall Street.

Wall Street is the ultimate roadside crag. Park your car and get climbing. Just watch out for the bicyclists!

Photograph © Stewart M. Green

Wall Street Borders the Colorado River

Wall Street, a 500-foot-high cliff bordering the west bank of the Colorado River, is the most popular climbing area in the canyon country surrounding Moab, Utah. Over 120 climbing routes, both bolted sport climbs and cracks that require gear, line the east-facing cliff for almost a mile. Most of Wall Street's routes are single-pitch climbs that are less than 100 feet high. The upper part of the cliff tends to be more sandy and loose than the lower section along the river.

The Ultimate Roadside Crag

The Potash Road, Utah Highway 279, is sandwiched between Wall Street's tall cliff and the muddy river, allowing quick access to the climbs. Most approaches from car to cliff are measured in seconds, depending on which pullout you park your vehicle at. This makes Wall Street the ultimate roadside crag. You park your car. Unpack your gear from your trunk at the base of a route. Do the climb. Maybe reach into your ice chest for a cold drink. It's no wonder that Wall Street is so popular!

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