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Where to Climb

Where to climb in the United States and around the world. Explore different rock types and terrain; discover the best climbing areas in the USa; find local climbing areas and mountain peaks; and learn how to find a guide.
  1. California Rock Climbing (16)
  2. Climbing Colorado Mountains (20)
  3. Colorado Rock Climbing (11)
  4. Europe Rock Climbing (4)
  5. France Rock Climbing (5)
  6. New Hampshire Rock Climbing (5)
  7. New Jersey Rock Climbing (1)
  8. New Mexico Rock Climbing (4)
  9. New York Rock Climbing (4)
  10. Pennsylvania Rock Climbing (2)
  11. Texas Rock Climbing (6)
  12. The 8,000-Meter Peaks (15)
  13. Utah Rock Climbing (14)
  14. Wyoming Climbing (7)

1924: First Ascent of Ellingwood Ledges
In 1924, pioneer climbers Albert Ellingwood, Eleanor Davis, Stephen Hart, and Marion Warner made the first ascent of one of Colorado's classic and most beautiful alpine routes up a prow on the North Face of Crestone Needle. Read about their landmark first ascent, creating perhaps America's hardest long climbing route at the time.

5 Sacred Climbing Areas in the American West
Many climbing areas around the United States are sacred ground to Native Americans. Learn about Shiprock, Baboquivari, The Black Hills, Devil's Tower, and Indian Creek Canyon and why these unique and beautiful places are sacred to Native American tribes, including the Lakota Sioux, Navajo, Tohono O'odham, and the ancient Anasazi.

Acadia National Park Rock Climbing
Acadia National Park on the central Maine coast is one of the best rock climbing areas in the eastern United States. Acadia also offers Otter Cliff, the best sea cliff climbing area in the country. Climbers come to Acadia to toprope at Otter Cliff and South Bubble, and to climb excellent multi-pitch routes on The Precipice. Start planning your...

All About Canyoneering
Canyoneering is the sport of descending down narrow rocky canyons, usually using technical rock climbing skills, like rappelling and rigging anchors, as well as scrambling, down-climbing, swimming, wading, and hiking. Find out more about canyoneering; how it differs from rock climbing; and how to find canyoneering adventures.

Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum
The Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum is devoted to mountains and climbers with lots of exhibits and displays on mountain culture, geography, geology, and climbing.

Carderock Rock Climbing: Climbing Near Washington DC
Carderock, a small cliff band along the east bank of the Potomac River in Maryland, is a popular rock climbing area northwest of Washington DC. Find out all about Carderock, its metamorphic rock, climbing history, essential climbing equipment, the best seasons, and how to find Carderock.

Climbing Kilimanjaro
Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain, is a popular peak for lots of climbers. Learn basic information to climb Kilimanjaro, including acclimatization, finding an outfitter, hiring anguides and porters, and why it's such a strenuous climb.

Facts About Baboquivari Peak
Baboquivari, a giant rock peak in southern Arizona, is a sacred mountain to the Tohono O'odham Indians who revere it as the home of Elder Brother. Babo is also popular with climbers for its long adventure routes. Learn more about Baboquivari, its legends, history, first ascent, and significant routes.

Facts About Capitol Peak
Capitol Peak in the Elk Range in west-central Colorado is one of the hardest Fourteeners to climb in the state. The stately peak offers sweeping buttresses, towering granite walls, and a great climbing route that culminates with the famed Knife Edge ridge. Learn all about Capitol Peak, how it was named, who did the first ascent, how many...

Facts About Mount Greylock
Learn interesting facts and history about Mount Greylock, the highest mountain in Massachusetts.

Facts About Shiprock — Sacred Navajo Peak in New Mexico
Shiprock, a towering rock mountain in northwestern New Mexico, is sacred to the Navajo Indians. Shiprock figures prominently in many Navajo legends and myths. Find out about Shiprock's geology, climbing history, and Navajo mythology.

Highest Mountains in the World: The 8,000-Meter Peaks
The worlds 14 highest mountains are an exclusive club of peaks whose summits tower more than 8,000 meters (26,247 feet) above sea level.The Eight Thousanders all lie in the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges in central Asia.

Joshua Tree National Park Rock Climbing
Joshua Tree National Park in southern California is simply one of the best climbing areas in the United States. J-Tree offers over 8,000 climbing routes and boulder problems, including bolted sport routes and steep jam cracks on granite cliffs, outcrops, pinnacles, and rock piles in the high desert east of Los Angeles.

Learn to Climb Outside
If you learned to climb in an indoor gym, you need to get outside climbing on real rock. The best way to learn to safely climb outside is to take a climbing class or take lessons from an experienced guide. Here's the low-down on climbing guide services and how to pick the right climbing guide for your outdoor adventures.

List of California's Fourteeners
California, with the highest peak in the contiguous US, offers 13 Fourteeners or peaks above 14,000 feet for climbers. Check out this complete list of all the Fourteeners, their elevations and mountain ranges, and 10 sub-peaks.

Mount Kinabalu: Borneo’s Highest Mountain
Learn lots of interesting facts about Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Borneo and a refuge for exotic plants and orangutans.

The 5 Quietest Climbing Areas in the United States
Where are the quietest places to go climbing in the United States? Check out five of the quietest American national parks and find out where you can listen to the sounds of silence as well as stand atop towering mountains and climb vertical cliffs.

The Needles Rock Climbing: Climbing in South Dakota
The Needles in the Black Hills of South Dakota is one of the best traditional climbing areas in the United States with hundreds of face and crack routes up granite spires, buttresses, and cliffs. The Needles is uncrowded, has lots of moderate climbs, and offers great climbing adventures.

The Seven Summits
The Seven Summits, a well-known mountaineering objective, are the highest peaks on each of the seven continents. Learn here about these seven mountains and climbing them.

The Spirit of the Mountains
Mountains, high cliffs, and summits have always been sacred places to humans and climbers all over the world. Find out more about mountains as sacred places, including sacred mountains in Judeo-Christian mythology, as well as sacred peaks in Greece, Japan, and Asia. America too has many sacred mountains like the four sacred mountains of the...

Yoga Cave -- Exploring a British Cave System
Yoga Cave, a small cave system in England's Peak District, offers an excellent caving adventure for novice cavers. The cave is relatively easy to explore and has a notorious section called The Corpse Crawl where the caver has to crawl through a passageway half-filled with water.

Zion National Park Rock Climbing
Zion National Park in southwest Utah is one of America's greatest sandstone climbing area. Climbers come to ascend big walls and to jam shorter crack climbs in Zion Canyon, a deep canyon carved by the Virgin River and lined with soaring cliffs up to 2,500 feet high.

3 Types of Rock for Climbing: Granite, Sandstone & Limestone
Climbers become intimate with different types of rock, discovering that the characteristics of different rocks creates different climbing experiences. Three of the main rocks for climbing--granite, sandstone, and limestone--are some of the best and most common rock mediums for climbers to practice their vertical sport. Find out more about these 3 rock types, how they were formed; the characteristics that allow climbers to ascend them; and their main exposures at American climbing areas.

Medieval Chamber -- A Climbing and Canyoneering Adventure Near Moab
Explore the Medieval Chamber, a fabulous canyoneering adventure with a couple big rappels, some scrambling, and great hiking through a sandstone canyon in the red rock country east of Moab, Utah.

Grand Teton National Park Climbing and Mountaineering
Grand Teton National Park is America's premier area for alpine rock climbing, mountaineering, and ice and snow climbing. Climbers come to test themselves on soaring rocky ridges, steep icy couloirs, and steep rock faces. While the Tetons offers thousands of climbing routes, most climbers come to ascend the Grand Teton, its highest peak and one...

How Much Money Do You Need for an Expedition
How do you organize and pay for your own climbing expedition to scale a big peak or big wall in a remote part of the world? Find out how much money it takes to fund an expedition; how to plan an expedition; and what the main items you will spend money on. Now make a plan, make a budget, raise the cash, and go climbing!

Climbing at Rochers de Freÿr: Rock Climbing at Belgium’s Best Cliffs
The Rochers de Freyr in southern Belgium by France is one of Europe's best but least known rock climbing areas. The limestone cliffs at Freyr offer over 600 climbing routes up to 400 feet high of all levels of difficulty. Find out all about rock climbing at Freyr and use the trip planning info to take a climbing trip to Belgium's unknown crags.

Old Rag Mountain: Rock Climbing Destination in Virginia
Old Rag Mountain in Shenandoah National Park is the best granite rock climbing area in the mid-Atlantic region. Old Rag, two hours west of Washington DC, offers lots of great crack climbs, sport climbing routes, and slab climbs on crags and cliffs on the mountain's upper slope. Discover more about Old Rag Mountain and make plans to climb Virginia granite.

Is There Rock Climbing on the Moon?
Climbers are exploring the earth's surface in search of unclimbed rock and first ascents. The next climbing frontier,however, is the Moon. Read more about bouldering on the Moon.

The Joy of Traveling and Climbing Alone
Part of the climbing experience is taking a road trip to new climbing areas and mountain ranges. In this essay, About.com expert Stewart Green gives his thoughts on solo climbing trips to Europe and beyond. Just say "Yes!"

Phoenix Rock Climbing: Climbing at McDowell Sonoran Preserve
Information and beta on rock climbing on the slabs at the Girlie Man area on the north side of McDowell Sonoran Preserve northwest of Phoenix and Scottsdale in central Arizona.

How Many Climbers are in the United States?
How many climbers are in the United States? A 2012 study and survey details how many sport and traditional climbers are in the US and compares them to previous years. The results are surprising. Are there more or less climbers than you think? Read and find out...

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